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ICSI treatment in N.I

Hey all I've debated posting on this for a while but I've finally decided to join as there are plenty of lovely ladies out there who is in the same position as myself..... my dh and I had our 1st appointment at the grove wellbeing clinic in October my dh had to go to the Royal for further SA, so we then had our review appointment last week withDr williamson who discussed our options with us which was decided ICSI is our best and only option😢 I don't know how I'm feeling about it all I'm totally petrified 😢😢 last week as Dr Williamson spoke I just say and cried (don't ask why I just did) so all the information she gave us last week is a complete blank I can't remember a thing so now my head is a complete blank.....I've been reading online about egg collections,waiting times, etc can anyone tell me are you awake for the egg collection etc or do you have the option of being asleep I'm so scared about it all I had my HSG in June and it was complete agony it was the worst ever so I'm dreading what's going to come next..... also last week we signed the forms and where put on the waiting list which is 6mths we where told does this mean we won't hear anything for 6mths or will the actual treatment have begun by then..... I know you are all probably wondering "does she know [email protected] but I couldn't stop crying last week when we where with Dr Williamson I can't remember anything 😢😢 so I'm apologising in advance for so many Q'a but I really would appreciate any information anyone can give me as we begin the journey that could make all our dreams come true ❤️❤️ I vaguely remember Dr Williamson saying something about 2 embryos but agin I can't remember what she said exactly so thanks again everyone and I want to wish everyone all my love and best wishes on their journey 💋❤️
Thanks xxx


  • I know this is an old thread but I was just wondering how your icsi journey is going! I am also a patient of dr williamsons xxx

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