Have you had IVF? Please share with us – and others – what you wish you’d known beforehand…

Hi everyone, 

We’re currently working on some articles about how it feels to experience the IVF process – and we’d love to ask those of you who’ve had, or are maybe just starting, IVF to share your thoughts we us.

What do you wish you’d known before your started IVF? What questions do you wish you’d asked sooner – or wish you’d known to ask at all? And what advice or tips would you give anyone else who is about to start IVF?

We’d be so grateful for your replies – please just post them on this thread. Hopefully, with your help, we’ll end up with the best IVF help sheet ever!


  • I've had one cycle of IVF which was succesful but unfortunately ended in an ectopic (just bad luck). Hoping to start new cycle in next few weeks.

    I knew someone whod gone through ivf and it was a great help to be able to ask her things. On really useful tip was that you can't drink too much water when stimming, I also found those protein drink like upbeat helpful to boost protein intake.

    When you go to an appointment write everything down - there is so much info that your brain can't take it all, even if like my clinic they tell you each stage as you get to it rather than everything in one go. It's fine to check information and ask them to hold on while you jot it down.

    Injections aren't fun but they do get easier. I was covered with bruises the first week but consider myself pretty much an expert now! 

    Thats all I can think of for now....

  • Sorry just re read that. with regard to water I meant drink tonnes! Just realised you could read it to mean the opposite!

  • I had ivf in 2013/14 my first was unsuccessful and the emotions after that were horrific. I felt like i had lost a baby but disnt feel like i could say that out loud as really its just a fertilised egg. 

    With that im mind i endured another full cycle. My eggs are few and pretty much hard boiled (amh 2.5) they only retrieved 7 eggs and only 2-3 were any good. 

    By implantation we only had one left growing but it was "hatching" and as the saying goes, you only need one.

    Harry is my world 

    Happy to answer any questions but only ask if you want honest ones.

    Leanne x 

  • I just wasn't prepared for how I felt emotionally, I'm a pretty strong person and my relationship is rock solid but it definitely takes you to be in this together.  The bloating and pain and lack of sex really does take it's toll and my OH didn't really know what to do for the best at times.

    The injections aren't fun but they do get easier and the idea of them is probably worse but if you can get your OH to help it is a lot easier.

    I ended up suffering with over stimulation after my retreival (of 12 eggs, 8 which were successful) which was pretty rough...drink A LOT of water it really does help.  Waiting until tomorrow which is my day 5 to see if I am well enough to continue with implantation or if it is better to freeze them and continue in a few months time. 

    Be open and make sure you have someone to talk to because you go through so much! The nurses and doctors I have been dealing with are really amazing...just contact them with any worries and don't stress yourself out.

    If you are working during your treatment be prepared and try to keep a light workload for a few weeks because you might be a bit useless.

    Hope this helps a bit

    D xx

  • I had one cycle after 3 years of trying and am currently 12 weeks pregnant. 

    The main thing I wasn't prepared for was the emotions. I could deal with the routine and sticking needles in myself but the pressure really took a toll on me. So make time to do things you enjoy, relax as much as possible and share the burden with your partner. We made a little ritual of each morning getting up together, him doing breakfast then doing injections together. I think it helped him feel involved and he was incredibly supportive. 

    Also tell a couple of close friends so you can share / laugh / cry about it with someone else. 

    We are so far very lucky. We only retrieved 2 eggs, but both were grade A - one is growing nicely and the other is frozen. It's such a miraculous process. 

    Best of luck to everyone going through it, likewise happy to answer questions. 

  • Hi mommies and mommies to be. 

    I wanted to know where you got your IVF treatment from. I am new to this I myself had a boy two years ago but a friend of mine is trying really hard to get pregnant she has already experimented many painful treatments like acupuncture, herbal medicines and what not. She is in a lot of pain but, emotional. Not only her but her husband is pretty sad. 

    They both love each other a lot and they have been trying for 6 years now. That is a pretty long time. The way she shows love towards my son breaks my heart.

    I want to help them in any possible way I do give them a lot of moral support. I have also been giving those positive 'best friend lectures' but I know she will be like until she has her own child.

    I recently got awareness about IVF treatments and I want to dig further into it. I want to know if anyone of you had a real life experience with this treatment and how did it turn out for you? Are you happy with the results and would you recommend it someone who has lost all hopes. I am also doing research and I came across this forum I believe I will be able to find the best possible solution for my friend here. 

  • Hi, the biggest challenge was dealing with myself emotionally. I did not think my mood swings would be as bizarre but luckily my husband was supportive through it all. Another thing I wish I understood the risks that come with IVF on the child. Halfway through I found an article online about birth defects associated with IVF and that made me panic a bit. In the end it worked great so my only advice is to keep an open mind, do not believe everything you read and let it be; as long as you tried. All the best xx.

  • Thank you Kate1985, she is new to this and alone in the USA we have a lot of conversations on calls and research over the internet. LOL. She has her appointment next week let’s see how things turn out to be :) I love the word *Swimmers* Thank you for making me laugh :) 

  • Hi justmarried2012! Honestly, I believed that IVF in most cases from the first time operates without a miss.  And it turns out that not everything is so smooth and perfect in these procedures.  My wife and I recently read on the Internet about IVF.  Yes, everything is painted beautifully and in detail about all the stages of the process.  But they could not understand how this could be dangerous for a woman's body, and for her psychological state? I read a lot of posts of people who have experienced this on their own and are really horrified.  Could you tell me what the success of the procedure depends on?  And is it worth it?  Suddenly it is easier to agree to a surrogacy or adoption?  I look forward to hearing from you, dear.

  • Hi all, myself and my partner have just had our initial referal appointment to the hospital fertility part. CN anyone enlightened me of what to  soft? my go has already said it looks as though icsi will be the only option for us due to my other halfs sperm count and how there shaped/swimming. Is there a higher success rate all being well with my eggs? And does anyone know what one full nhs cycle includes? I see this just one go or does it include using any left over eggs that have been retrieved Andrew frozen? Thanks!

  • I apologize to those who asked questions as for some reason I am not getting notifications. 

    I cannot tell you what will give you a positive outcome unfortunately as although they have science on there sides they also rely on an awful lot of luck. 

    My NHS cycle included everything although the first one they used IVF and the second icsi. 

    Icsi has a slightly higher success rate but I agree that going in I believe I would have a baby after my first cycle. It was only after I sat down for my consultation that I found out that the success rates are based on women under 30 and with one positive outcome in 3 attempts. 

    Its easy to get bogged down with the science but to be honest my biggest tip is to be kind to yourself. It is far from an easy task

  • Hi everyone, we know this is an old thread, but we were wondering if any of you had IVF via the NHS, might you be able to help a new member with her questions about it, over on this thread

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