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Are we pregnant?

Hi me and my other half are currently 13 days past iui. (Interuterine insemination) we did 2 tests yesterday 12dpiui using FR, (middle of the day) and we had the faintest faintest positive lines, we then bought a clear blue which was negative.

Today with first morning pee we did another clear blue which had a very faint positive line, and we did a FR which had absolutely no line at all. We are so confused. I have added a picture of clear blue this morning.

Has anyone experienced the same or have any advice? Not to sure when VF is due as we had a medicated cycle which determined ovulation cycles. I am also having cyclogest pessaries twice a day which contains estrogen.

The side effects of the pessaries mimic pregnancy like symptoms so is hard to know if what I am experiencing is them or natural.

I currently have sore boobs, on off cramping for about 5/6 days now (nornally have early cramping as a sign of period coming) feeling more tired and emotional, slight headaches on waking, and pains in my shins which could be completely unrelated. 


  • Sorry, as a further note I meant AF, and also progesterone not estrogen

  • Unfortunately no one can answer that until either AF arrives or you get the BFP.... I can only see a faint line on the CB test - but I have had dye runs on that one before, so until its a pretty obvious line, it would be difficult to say one way or the other.

    Even with medically managed ovulation, your period should still arrive 2 weeks after O has happened as this time period never changes.

  • Yeah Thank you I think your right, is good to know AF normally comes 2 weeks after ovulation as had ovridril injection 15 days ago and AF wouldn't be actually due till next week if working out from first day of last period. Relieved we won't have to wait another week to miss AF to find out. Think were just getting confused/frustrated as had 2 first responce tests yesterday and both were faint faint positives but only after the 10 minutes and then this one this morning and was thinking can they all be just evap test lines. Very confusing. Thank you for your reply though :-) 

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