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Just need someone to talk too

i have been trying for a baby for 5 years now with no success. I have lazy ovaries and are not producing big enough eggs sometime none. I have tried clomid never worked and now I have been trying gonal f but still no success apart from once but ended up ectopic. I am now thinking I should try IVF but just need someone to talk too as every month I feel so depressed and I'm feeling really down 



  • Hi Sara,

    its very difficult having to go through this when not many family and friends get it!!! I struggled to get pregnant with my DH bu I have a DS (naturally with previous partner)... I found an ivf research trial and got accepted. ivf isn't easy and losing pregnancies is even harder... I miscarried twice but the third attempt was a succes...

    its so hard watching everyone else get pregnant when all you want is a baby of your own... it's heartbreaking... I'm here if you want to let off steam 

    Lisa x

  • Hi! I'm here to support you because I know how you feel. Will share my story briefly. Me - 38 yo, dx: DOR. My dh is 39 yo (swimmers perfect). We started TTC since Dec 2010 but never succeeded. We had been trying for 2.3 years when finally were referred to infertility center. Then the journey itself. Natural cycle with clomid - too many to count! 2013. Cencelled IUI - 2014 because of cysts. Another round IUI the same year - BFN. We weren't satisfied with the clinic and switched it moving abroad. IVF#1 ER July 2016 - they got 4 follies and only 1 egg  ET - transferred 1 embryo which never made home - BFN. Sep 2017 were told IVF with my OE is not going to work...and it's time to move onto plan B - egg donation. Another thing is that we're planning to be off to Ukrainian clinic but all the family is against because of the political situation there. But we try not to listen, because we've paid out of the pocket for the previous treatments so we need more affordable prices. I hope we made the right decision. Will  you update, please, how things are going on now? Sending you huge hugs x

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