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Fertility treatment injections

Hi all, I was hoping for a bit of advice. I have the opportunity to start Injections next cycle and was wondering if anyone else could help me with what to expect...I'm feeling very nervous!

Thank you in advance x


  • Hi, most of the injections I used during my IVF cycle are really simple and painless, for example Gonal-F and Lupron. The intramuscular injections are little painful like HCG and Progesterone. I use an ice bag on the area to be injected 20 minutes prior to taking injection, so that the area gets numb and the injection doesn't hurt. Good luck with your cycle!  

  • Hi there! Every organism is different, so you might have any "bonus" effect from the listed in meds instructions. Also, you might have to make injections by yourself. For me, it was hard at first, but after some time I got used to it. As for the ice bag, which was advised above, I'm not sure. If the tissues are cold, the injection may absorb slower or in less quantity. You should consult your doc regularly this. Maybe you should use a painkilling ointment.

    Hope my advice helps. 

  • Hi! I fared pretty well. Injections were fine (saying a lot- I had a lifelong needle phobia prior to IVF). My moods were a bit up and down but nothing too bad. I did have one cycle almost get cancelled due to poor response and I was an absolute mess. I could NOT control my emotions then. I felt like I was outside my body. I believe it all depends on how you specifically react though - everyone's different. Hopefully you'll breeze through it all with no troubles. Good luck

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