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*trigger* NHS ivf funding- past termination.

Hi all. 

We have been trying for 2 years now and are about to go through the process of testing and potential ivf. 

My question is about funding.

Neither of us have children. My bmi is currently slightly over 30- which i can lower with a bit of self restraint. 

The only thing I worry about I can find NO info on whatsoever. I had a termination aged 19. It was a mess of a relationship when my parent had just been diagnosed with cancer and already suffered from bipolar .  I was at uni still, and we had used condoms to top it all off. Anyway. I appreciate that terminations are a bit of a tricky topic when ppl are try and struggling. I just wanted to contextualize mine. I'd been careful but obviously something went wrong and my life was in such a state that I couldn't continue... I'm sorry if iv upset anyone by sharing this. 

Now 13 years later im wondering will my past termination impact on nhs funding for ivf? There are no guidelines on this. I cant imagine im the only person who has ever been in this situation... I appreciate anyone in my shoes may not wish to admit so publically. I'd be so grateful for any response- messages or posts.. 

Thanks in hope

Ally xx

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