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Newbie here but not new to infertility

Hi, ladies! I'm new to this board, so would like to introduce myself in my first post here. Me - 38 yo, dx: DOR. My dh is 39 yo (swimmers perfect). We started TTC since Dec 2010 but never succeeded. We had been trying for 2.3 years when finally were referred to infertility center. Then the journey itself. Natural cycle with clomid - too many to count! 2013. Cencelled IUI - 2014 because of cysts. Another round IUI the same year - BFN. We weren't satisfied with the clinic and switched it moving abroad. IVF#1 ER July 2016 - they got 4 follies and only 1 egg image ET - transferred 1 embryo which never made home - BFN. Sep 2017 were told IVF with my OE is not going to work...and it's time to move onto plan B - egg donation. This is my brief backgroud but it feels like entire life of struggling with no results. I do believe the day of a rainbow is ahead but sometimes this waiting is extremelly tough I can't cope. My dh supports me much but he never sees me doing private crying moments later. We both are obviously devastated and I do feel jealous when ladies cough and get pregnant - not me.. All those twws which must be in dog time, because it feels more like a year than 14 days! And so many other factors which influence so much..I'm sorry for my nagging but I do believe you, lovely ladies here, will definitely find a word of support for us. Our next step with donor egg is completely new for us  - it's hard to get used to the though we need the 3rd person for the round. I'd be glad to hear your experiences with egg donation process, how it works live. Our 1st app hopefully April. Waiting so much for changes.. Thanks in advance x

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