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Looking for IVF success stories with severe endometriosis

Hi ladies 😊

I’m hoping to find some support and success stories from any ladies who have severe endo and have gone through IVF. 

I had my lap & dye on Friday and the results were as I expected - I have severe endo which indicated tubal infertility. I had a large cyst on my right ovary and another cyst on my left which they drained and removed the sticky endo which was found within the pelvic region and pouch of Douglas. I’m recovering really well but the only option given to help us conceive was IVF which again I expected due to not conceiving for 2 years and the excruciating pain I had each month. Kinda got my head around that bit now.

My cons is keen to remove both my tubes to ensure IVF is more successful and whilst I know he’s right, I can’t help feel so saddened by this. The dye didn’t barely pass through my tubes and he explained during IVF the embryo could move to the tubes causing an eptopic pregnancy.

Cons has put me on 4 months worth of Prostap to reduce my endo symptoms and stop anymore cysts from forming on my ovaries and he said we could expect to start IVF within the year. 

Just looking for any one who can guide me on the process, if anyone had tube removal & in general just some hope & support to keep my PMA going 😊 

Thanks ladies xx


  • Unfortunately I don't have any advice for this but I have to just say you are one brave lady! I'm so so sorry it hasn't been an easy ride for you. I wish you all the luck in the world xxx

  • Thank you so much Char09 I meant to reply to your message the other day but was pooing my pants for the lap & dye lol so apologies in not replying till now 🙈

    It’s bloomin tough & has hit me all in a oner but we will get there. 

    I got this 💪🏼 (I hope lol) xxx

  • You have had more important things to worry about so don’t worry! I can’t even imagine how I  would deal with it if it was me. Yes you have got this...I really do have my fingers and toes crossed for you when you finally get to thr IVF stage xxx

  • Thanks so much Char09 your kind words really do mean so much 😘xx

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