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Looking to chat with some people who have taken steps to get on the list for IVF. Does anyone know the criteria, process and wait times? I live in the Grampian area. 

My Story - Been trying to conceive for around 13 months. Only had one success in that period which was eptopic. We are both a healthy weight and live a relatively normal lifestyle and are in our early 30's. Non-smokers and not big drinkers. We haven't had any tests which is maybe the first step. 



  • Hi Smashers. 

    I also live in Scotland and just found out my DHs results are not the best (70million/ml, but only 29% moving and 19% moving progressively), 34% lives.

    So now we are waiting to find out what's next, what's happened to you since your message if you don't mind me asking?

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