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Early stages of Egg Sharing IVF

Just wanted to post a thread saying hi to everyone, I've been reading here for a few weeks but now taking the plunge!

My OH and I are a same-sex couple, married for a year and 3 months and beginning our road to (hopefully) expanding our family. We first got in touch with our fertility clinic in June, and were overwhelmed at all the options available to us - IUI, ICSI, Egg Donation, Egg Sharing, IVF, Private Insemination, and many combinations of the above.

After mulling over the options, we have decided that we are going to try a cycle of egg sharing IVF. I will undergo the process of IVF, have my eggs collected and (if there are enough) some will be used for my own implantation while some will be donated to a woman/couple on the clinic's egg donation waiting list.

I had my first transvaginal scan and amh test yesterday, which was such a fascinating experience! Follicle count is looking great and amh results will be in a couple of days.

I'm looking forward to becoming part of the community around here, any advice for the early stages of this process would be greatly appreciated. Sending out luck and baby dust to you all!


  • HI Cw, 

    Didnt want to read and run as no one commented on my post whilst I was going through ICSI treatment. 

    I have just successfully had my first scan at 6+1 and we had a beautiful strong baby with a heart beat. 

    I just wanted to say any questions you may have about the experience, the drugs, the stimulation injections im here to talk to and answer any questions as best I can. 

    Good luck :-) 

  • Hi Diz,

    Thanks so much for your reply, and sorry for the lateness of mine!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, that's so exciting and I'm glad to hear you had a strong first scan. Make sure you keep us all updated on your progress!

    I will definitely be in touch with questions if they crop up - thank you :) x

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