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Ivf on NHS

Hi there been trying to convince for 4 years we have been told ivf is needed my partner has a low sperm count caused by undesended tesits when he was born he didn't have op till he was 3 I'm hoping that he will get help from the NHS but I already have a daughter so I don't think we will get any help but maby given that they operated late that may help us 


  • If you already have a child you will have to go private I’m afraid x

  • Even tho it's there fault they operated late on him :( x

  • Yeah bevause you’ve got a child there’s other people with no children at all and can’t conceive naturally so they put them forward over someone who already has one x

  • But why should me having a child from a prevous relationship affect my partner having the treatment that is needed also if they operated on him in the first place we would of had more of a chance but because they left it till age of 3 it's made a big big impact on fertilty  also surley at least look at the application x

  • It’s just the way it is 

  • Sorry I hit send before finishing 

    you’ll have to talk to your gp about it x

  • yeah they'll not consider you as a priority:( as u have a child.

    don't see why that is tho, cause if ur partner had fathered a child in a previous relationship and then cant with you, you can have ivf. Bit one sided. 

    Id say unless there was a formal case made against the gp/health of your husband then it's not of any relevance :(

    good luck x

  • Hi when i was seeing a consultant, they told me i wouldn't get ivf on the nhs if i needed it because my partner had already got kids even though i hadn't x

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