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3 faint bfp 9dp3dt

Hello ladies

Im new here :) so I did ivf in september and i am today 9days past3 day transfer. I did 3 early predictor tests claimong to be 12.5 miu sensitivity, all with very very light bfps.. Pink in colour but very light.  So light i only see them in certain light  imageI did 1 CB plus which came out negative. My beta test is next wefnesday 15 days past trasfer. I just wish i did not test early


  • Hi Lor 

    I didn’t want to read and not reply as I see no one else has responded. How are you doing? Did anything progress? X

  • Hi dear... Thankyou so much for answering. My 1st Ivf failed and i had so many faint lines on the early predictor tests . At least 5 tests were very faint bfp. My beta was 1.5. Im now waiting to do my second ivf xxxxxx

  • I’m sorry to hear this but wishing you all the best for round 2! My first one failed in Aug/Sept and I’m in the 2WW. OTD is Thurs and I’ve been getting faint positives since 7dp5dt. I’m on 10dp5dt now... 

    What tests were you using? 

    Here‘s an example of mine on First Response x


  • Ohhhhhh thats a line for sure!!!! I was using predictor early.... Had read bad reviews on them after. First response are the best. And the second test is definatley a positive dear!!! Do you have a beta scheduled? 

  • Are you in the US? My clinic doesn’t offer that. Basically, they sent me home with a home pregnancy test and I’m to do it on Thurs and let them know the result. I’d it‘s positive, then I need to book a scan with them for a few days after. Really weird. Then I would need to contact my doc and they will take over. 😕x

  • No im in Europe. I think you have avpositive dear. If it were me i would test again on Monday... The line should be darker by then for sure. 

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