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IUI with Donor Sperm 13fpo BFN, any hope for a BFP

Hi all, I am a single lady ttc with Donor Sperm. It is an incredibly difficult rollarcoaster of emotions. My last period started on 15/11/18. Treatment cycle was without medication.  I started testing for ovulation, surged 03/12/18 and I was given Ovitrelle 250mcg to trigger ovulation that afternoon. I then had the IUI on the 04/12/18. I tested 9dpo and had a faint positive with CB early detection, then tested on 11dpo and 12dpo with FR early detection expecting the line to darken but got BFN For both Days. I usually have 33/34 day cycles so due on 18/12/18. desperately  losing hope.  I am absolutely heartbroken. Feel nauseous, little crampy and tired but that’s all. I’m desperate for a baby beyond believe. I so want this BFP as will struggle to afford more cycles. Am I out of The running this month or is there still hope? Thank wall in advance 

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