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Ivf and adoption

As post says above. We have been ttc for 13 month And have been referred to fertility clinic. Just wondering if anyone decided not to put themselves through ivf and decided to adopt? would just like to hesr people thoughts x 


  • Hi, adoption was out of the question for us. we opted for for ivf. i have two children to a previous relationship. We ttc for 4 years and nothing. Not that I’m saying ivf is right it’s very emotionally and physically draining. First cycle failed . I’ve just got my first positive from my second cycle. You read so mmuch negative stuff that I’m still a wreck. I suppose it just down to the individual and what’s right for them.

    good luck with your decision 

  • Great news on your poSituve. We don’t any Children and are open to trying ivf first If we get to that stage. Just thinking further ahead if it didn’t work x

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