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Hi girls,

My DH and I have been TTC for 2 years now. I have endometriosis so I can't get pregnant. My gynaecologist recommended us FIV Marbella, in Spain, to try to do ivf treatment. I called the clinic and I had a first chat on Skype with the english coordinator, she told me everything, all the steps we have to follow and answered alla my quesions. So far the impression is very good. I would do everything from here and the on the day of the ivf I would go to Marbella. They told me they would call me back once their doctor has seen my case. In the meantime I'm looking for information from other poeple. Has someone gone there? baby dust to everybody :blush:   


  • Hi CRIS89, I went to FIV Marbella! I can say that they are really professional. The english coordinator answered to all my questions adn was really helpful. I surely recommend them. I had a perfect experience with them, they helped me having my baby and they changed my life forever! What treatment do you have to do? If i may ask.... 
  • Thank you very much! I had another phno call with the english coordinator in FIV Marbella, and I decided to go with it! We are going to Marbella to have the first gynaecological visit tomorrow :D I'm so excited to go there!
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