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hi  :):)
mov currently lost both Fallopian tubes one to eptopic and 2nd to it being infected , so my only option is icsi , iv just gone for by day 3 blood test my partner has his tests in may , he already has children so I have no worry’s with him , the only thing I’m concerned about is my doctor said I have active endometriosis and I was just wondering if anyone has had the same issues , I really want this to work as Iv mc 3 times ?? 


  • We're just about to undergo ICSI too but I've not been in the same position as you. My other half has some issues so its not happened naturally. We're hoping this might do the trick. Sending you love and hugs x 
  • Hi @Hayles_tawny I hope u don’t mind me hopping on board this chat. We have been diagnosed with male fertility issue, it’s-oddly shaped sperm that’s our problem. We have been told icis is our option too as I have a clean bill of health. I’ve no idea what to do next. Hubby is bein hard on himself about it. We have a gp app next week to discuss, but will prob end up going private if we can. Any advice would be great. It’s all very surreal now 
  • So basically icsi means they will find 1 good spern and inject it into the egg doibg its job for it. Normal ivf they put sperm next to the egg. So ubwill need a scan from day 4-7 of period to assess egg reserve l. Once thats done u can start injections to supress ( like menopause ) gor 2 weeks them 2 weels to over stimulate. Then egg collection and sperm collection same day and icsi
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