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ICSI- pain 1 week after trigger

Hi all, 
I had my trigger shot on 31st May Ovitrelle) and was booked in for embryo transfer 1 week later (7th June). 
2 days after the trigger shot I experienced ovulation pains and it was so sore I found it difficult to walk normally. 
I held off thinking it would eventually pass, but I have had discomfort ever since.
I have had my embryo transfer however this pain is not budging. It is sore to touch and only on my right side. When I press on my right side the pain is about 9/10. 
I'm becoming really concerned about it, I'm worried there is some kind of ovarian torsion but dont want to get carried away with myself and also concerned about this wee embryo. 

Any advice would be very much appreciated. 

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