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My husband and I have been ttc for nearly two years. We have done different teats and they can't find any issues. It feels like everyone around me is pregnant and it's really affecting me. A colleague of mine had a baby today& I just felt like bursting into tears. And then I feel really bad because I should be happy for her.I'm currently waiting for my period which is due next week so I'm quite on edge. We are due to start IUI next week and I'm net about it. Could anyone tell me more about their experiences with IUI? Any tips or experiences would be appreciated💕


  • Well, can't tell you about IUI much! I'm an IVF patient in August. So, yeah! I can relate things! Both are Assisted procedures! Anyway! Stay strong! You can do this! We are in the same boat, I feel you. I know it can be hard but things are gonna work for you later! Sending much better wishes and baby dust. Hope you conceive soon! 
  • Hey maryc1216 I would love to tell you my journey with both assisted procedures. Just a little about my history, I am currently 30 and I started when I was 29.  August will be a year since we started TTC. While I was TTC it was very stressful because my husband travels for work constantly and trying to time around when I ovulate was giving me a lot of stress.  

    For my assisted procedure I started back in January when my blood test came back with hormonal imbalance so my Gyno thought I had PCOS.  This was a huge shocker to me because I never felt like I had any symptoms of PCOS. So I went to the fertility specialist she recommended and it was one of those larger companies. She ruled out PCOS and did and scan of my ovaries and told me they were on the smaller side and that I might have diminished ovarian reserve. (which no one likes to hear) my blood work came back fine but she wasn’t convinced.   My hubby did the sperm analysis twice, the first time he missed the cup which gave him low sperm count and the second he did it at home and drove it to the office which was about 45 minutes away without insulating it. That resulted in very low mobility and poor morphology and the count was still low.  So she said that because of the male problem we had to do IVF which is supposed to me more successful. So I was optimistic being I was so young that I would have a high success rate. I started the treatment injecting the hormones in my body everyday for about two weeks and getting monitored before work every other to everyday. And then I went for the egg retrieval, which the anesthesia made me sick all day, and within that procedure that grab 4 eggs. The next day they told me all were successfully fertilized so I was very hopeful. I then had to wait 5-6 days to see how many made it to the blastocyst. And I got the call at my husbands grandmas funeral that NONE of them made it. I was devastated, I felt like I lost four possible children and it hurt. The doctor then told me that she thought I had diminished ovarian reserve, she pretty much made me feel like a dinosaur. Not to mention coming off the hormones from IVF almost completely ruined me.  My husband tried everything to help but I was so hurt and emotional. I almost went to a therapist to help get through it. Hormones are no joke. I started doing Accupuncture twice a week and taking Chinese medicine to help balance my hormones.  My coworker was actually the one who help support me because she has been through several assisted procedures. She recommended when I try again to talk to the doctor she used that she recommended to all her friends. 

    I took two months off to focus on me and my husband because I didn’t want our marriage to suffer being newly married. We traveled changed our diets, I kept up with Accupuncture and my Chinese herbs, and overall processed the procedure we just went to together. The end of May I went to see my coworkers doctor.  I told the doctor I wanted to try IUI because it was less invasive then IVF and I was not ready to go through that procedure again. I told him I think my husband and I were wrongly diagnosed and the doctor either overstimulated me or pulled the trigger too soon and the eggs weren’t fully developed.  He was skeptical that IUI would work given our history but he also said he would like me to repeat bloodwork and my hubby to repeat the analysis. So we did and my numbers came back great and my hubbys count came back great! We were scheduled to start IUI this (month) June.

    I was excited again for the first time and I said to my husband maybe we just need a little push. I stopped any type of alcohol this past month and ate a balanced diet. The DR. Had me take clomid from days 5-9 and then I was monitored every other day until the trigger shot. I had two very nice size follicles in my left ovary. 

    This is where I know God was on my side. I had a concert to go to on Thursday June 13th so I was very nervous I wouldnt be able to get the IUI. The nurse told me worst case just take the trigger and do the BD. But in my heart I wanted the IUI. 

    So I triggered the Wednesday night before and came in the next day which was the morning of the concert for the IUI. After the procedure we drove straight to the concert which was about 2.5 hrs away. That night I swear at the the concert I could feel myself ovulate (I was singing my heart out and all of a sudden felt like I peed my pants lol). Straight after the concert we did the BD. And the next day I felt like I had a huge gas pain on my left (which was the side I ovulated on). I followed the doctors instructions and I did not take any Advil, or anything for that matter. We also did the BD that Friday afternoon hoping to relieve the pain lol. 

    Im not going to lie the TTW is brutal but you MUST occupy your time so it doesn’t drive you crazy. Some people test their trigger shot out but I would find that to be stressful.  I booked a 90minute massage to help relax, kept up with my Accupuncture, had a pedicure, enjoyed the pool and the sun. I actually read a really good book which helped keep my mind off of it (one of those you couldn’t put down lol) my hubby was also gone for work for 10 days. So it was just me and my pups. I started feeling light cramps around 7DPO. And then I started feeling tired and a little lightheaded this past week. 

    I went for my bloodwork yesterday and turns out I’m pregnant! 

    Please don’t loose hope and remember to destress! If you don’t like what one doctor says get another opinion! I too was surrounded by pregnant people and attending baby showers, and I’m not gonna lie it was upsetting because I wanted that too. People would ask me and husband all the time when are we having kids. The last procedure I did I decided not to tell anyone because when I told them about IVF it stressed me out.  I even lost one of my good friends because she was pregnant.  Well there’s more to that story but that’s for another day lol. 

    Good luck to all you women out there TTC. Your day will come!! 

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