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Blocked tubes - IVF

Hi All,
As it turns out both my tubes are blocked so our TTC so far was absolutely pointless... Have to go and start IVF as this seem to be our only option now. anyone has gone through the same?


  • So sorry to hear that, must of been very frustrating for you and your partner 😪.
    My next step will be to have this test done too. 
    Like yourself I dont want to keep ttc naturally if there is essentially no point. 
    What did the doctors say to you about the blockages?? I presume they said there was zero they could do to unblock 😥.
    At least now you know where you stand and can focus your time and effort preparing your mind n body for ivf 
  • Hi Bonnie, I'm still waiting for the official report to come back, but the radiologist said it seems like one is blocked for sure, she was unsure about the other one, but it didn't look good. 
    As we have our first appointment for ivf in 2,5weeks time I think I'll rather focus on moving forward with that rather than getting surgeries to open up the tubes. 
    I was asked if I had any infections or endometriosis,  PCOS and I've got nothing, that would let us think the tubes are blocked so unfortunately it can be the case with anyone :( 
  • Hi Ags.
    I dont blame you for wanting to push through to the IVF.
    Like yourself I have no real reason to suspect there are any kinds of blockages etc there, no odd pain or bleeding but you just cant tell. I'm 36 so part of me is preparing myself for the same scenario.
    I'm single and see a donor friend every month so wanting to have this test will obviously give me the answers but prevents any time wastage on his side too.
    May I ask if your ivf is NHS funded or you're going private??
  • We're NHS funded and I wanted answers as we were doing everything right, all my hormones came back perfect, my AMH is 2,87 that we were very happy with, SA came back 70million/ml with slightly low motility (29% instead of 40),  but still it should've happened already. I just turned 34, DH is 31. I'm a very impatient person and wanted to have our names on the IVF list sooner rather than later. You thinking about getting on the waiting list?
  • Im definitely an impatient person too so I understand haha.
    I had my "mot' in Jan, all ok, my AMH is average for my age range and I've had blood tests to confirm I'm well within my ovulatory range so yeah I'm just doing what I can inbetween the important window. 
    As I'm meeting with a donor, it can be trickier with timing so theres that 😫.
    Hes been successful with a few other women so his sperm count is 👍.
    I'm also seeing an acupuncturist as I had a loss in my family and knew that stress could and probably would affect my chances.
    The lady I see suggested the scan before diving into IVF. 
    Personally if I dont have to have it Ivf dont really want it but my patience, like yours, can only last so long.
    I guess it's my last resort.
    I think I will have to go private as I may not be eligible for funding. Postcode ivf lottery, I have an unofficial donor and hes had kids and I've had a pregancy before,10nyears ago,  so I would have to do loads of lying and I cant be dealing with stressing on triping up on a lie.
    It's good that you're starting it soon though...only a couple of weeks!so exciting 👍❤

  • Sounds like everything is spot on with you, I'd highly suggest the HSG as it was free on NHS and I wanted to know. Just knew something was wrong. I do stress a lot and I know it's bad, but acupuncture is very expensive,  they say go twice a week and it costs £50/occasion... 
    Would you be able to get IVF on NHS with donor sperm? Is the donor your friend, but not partner?
    Yes, the appointment is on the 15th of August,  can't wait! 
  • I'm deffo gonna get the HSG test if I get my period on Thursday. As I'm impatient I will probably pay privately for that so I know sooner than later.
    I actually met my donor online on a donor/co-parenting site. We've actually become quite good friends and hes nice looking of course😊😆 plus hes very chilled out and relaxed and very positive which has really helped when AF comes.
    I wont be able to admit hes a donor to the NHS as he would have to go through loads of legislation as hes not my partner and via a clinic I cant say hes a donor as hes 41(41 is the cut off to donate and hed have to have 100% flawless sperm).
    Nah I go to accupunture about twice a month and it's just as effective apparently-not cheap but I do feel better for it.
    That's so amazing... is the 15th when   you have to start taking the drugs etc???please let me know how they are to take!!❤👍
  • Hm.. not sure what's the policy on that, but can't you ask your fertility specialist if you are eligible for IVF with a donor sperm like same sex couples? You probably won't be able to use your current donor, but you could pick from legitimate donors? 
    I'll keep you posted on the process, the 15th of August is our first consultation,  they'll do blood tests and we'll fill in forms, then discuss the plan and when to start the meds (Either the 2nd or the 21st day of my cycle depending on which protocol we'll be on).
    I'm intrigued by this donor thing, never heard of it. Is it not strange? 
    Do you live in England? We're in Scotland so here your postcode doesn't matter that much, everyone gets 3rounds on NHS.
  • Yeah I' the south east of England in Kent. I read up that you guys in Scotland get 3 rounds so that's a big relief for you🙏. I think because of my circumstances with my donor I haven't looked THAT deeply into it,presuming they'd laugh me out the door.
    When I went to the london womens clinic in jan I was very overwhelmed with information. I had my mot etc and was given advice about my next step. I knew that ivf would be expensive and gruelling but with the add on of an official donor it would cost £950 each vial of sperm I needed to use😱.also as I was told then that I'm fertile I thought I'd seek out a much cheaper version to ivf.
    So I joined a donor site with open eyes, with caution of course and met Chris. These guys on their cannot charge money for their swimmers, it's illegal.saw all his sti/std checks. It's not conventional but at least this way I have information about the donor father and hes helping me like no other person probably can😊.
    It must be so exciting getting the ball rolling for you and your partner, may I ask, how long you've been trying for??❤
  • Oh, wow, this is fascinating! In this case I think you should definitely have the HSG as that can be an issue and you would never know otherwise. 
    We have been trying since last August, so had 10cycles that doesn't sound like a long time, but as said before, I really wanted to make sure everything was ok and I am happy I did. I would ask your GP what your options are,  surely they can't punish you for being single. I saw this ABC clinic back when I thought the waiting time was gonna be a year for NHS and they have a set price for IVF with donor sperm and the site is adamant they have no hidden costs. I was looking at this, but they are too far from here, in London:
    Yes, can't wait to go to the first appointment,  it's worse than the 2WW :) 
    Oh, and one more thing: when you have the HSG you have to skip a month, I'm ovulating tomorrow and we can't BD, I can't wait for my window to be over as we don't know 100% at this moment that both tubes are blocked or not, so can't risk it. 
  • Yeah it does seem that because I am single I dont get many options on the NHS but what I've decided to do it have the HSG done private and then see what the outcome of that is and then see what my options are with the NHS. I guess if my results arent good then I would be classed as "infertile" so they would have to help(to an extent). Well my donor is away for all of august on his holidays so I would be having a month off anyways so that would be perfect timing to do it 👍. 
    On paper I've not been trying for that long either,especially compared to some, but it may as well be a decade with the weeks inbetween trying 😫🙄. I get quite strong pms a week before and to me that's my pregancy test sadly, sounds like I'm being pessimistic but I know my body.I guess I'm waiting for something different in my symptoms, dunno if that makes sense 😆.
    I'd definitely love to hear all about your ivf journey-feel free to offload here. It's hard to talk to other people about it sometimes- they're supportive and positive but they just dont get it!!
    I read on here the other day and one lady describes it perfectly 
    "Its like going for the same job interview every month and not getting it, no matter what you do".
    So true!!
  • Hi, sorry for not responding sooner, weekend was a bit crazy. 
    It doesn't really matter how long have you been trying for on paper as you can say you have been trying longer. 
    I checked my paperwork and it doesn't say anything about single people, but then looked it up and in England it goes on a case-by-case basis, whether you qualify, so if I were you I would most definitely give it a try. 
    Thanks, I would be happy to share my experience and progress, ordered two books, read one of them so far. There is this very famous one "it starts with the egg" for increasing the quality of your eggs. I know I have lots of eggs, but it doesn't mean they are good quality. Actually just learnt the goal is not to have as many as possible at retrieval, but to have good quality ones. As you can have 20retrieved, but only 1makes it to a 5day embryo. So I am getting rid of plastics from the house (BPA) and a material/toxin called phthalates, plus started taking Q10 they say start 3months before IVF, I think it is about now for me. 
  • That's ok,no probs😊.
    I think the whole process of trying to get funded for ivf seems so stressful(from various stories I've read), it's almost counter productive as stress is THE worst thing when ttc.
    I absolutely agree with the egg quality and not quantity. My acupuncturist has said this to me from day 1 that she wants me to focus on getting my eggs as good as they can be. Avoiding obvious stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and sugar(I'm not saint by I am trying).
    Apparently because of the world we're living in and our lifestyles more and more women are being thrown into menopause earlier and earlier😥 I find it all fascinating and I bet that book is a good read.
    I read that theres a "light stimulated ivf"..something like that which does focus on retrieving better eggs over lots and lots🤔🤔.
    I've seen that q10  shops before..what is it meant to do to help with the ivf??
    Also it maybe worth you looking into acupuncture straight after your ivf implantation...I heard that's when it's most important to have it at that stage👍❤
  • You're probably right, we were "lucky" as with blocked tubes you go straight on the IVF list as well as with poor SA that we both had so jumped the queue as we can't get pregnant naturally. It is  soul crushing, but this helped us in this scenario.... We went to the fertility clinic back in February, they did some investigations, got tested for Rubella, checked my progesterone etc., DH had a SA and I got sent for HSG, then we had our referral last month in June and got a letter 2.5 weeks after that to confirm our first appointment is on the 15th of August. Now just have to survive this 2WW :)
    I have just started reading this book about Q10 and BPA etc., will know more. I don't want to go overboard though as every tie you read a book or watch a documentary about all the rubbish we consume I get depressed..
    Terrified of needles so I don't think acupuncture is for me, but I guess i'll need to overcome this fear as I will have to inject myself soon omg!
    Do need to stop drinking coffee, but I am not ready to give that up (I only have 1 in the morning, but hoping I can cut it completely).
  • Oh I know!! These stories I hear of "we had to beg our doctors to refer us" wtf... should not have to beg at all imo!!
    I think I take so many vitamins n supplements a day I'm gonna be rattling soon😂...think q10 is in the fertility vitamins I'm taking already but not sure how much.
    So many sites will tell you one thing to increase fertility health and so many others will contradict that- it's too much isn't it🙄... I'm gonna check out that book though.
    when you learn how conception actually happens you wonder how there are 7 billion people in the world- it really is a miracle!.😆
    Not ready to say farewell to coffee either, like yourself ibhave 1 in the morning and the rest I drink is decafe. I drink alcohol once or twice  a week- I refuse to allow myself to get wound up about  not drinking at all- we all need to relax somehow right!?.
    Luckily the accupunture needles are tiny so cant even feel them but yeah that's one aspect of ivf that seems quite full on- actually injecting yourself!!😱... also I hear it's like having pms x100.... but of course it'll be 100% worth it if it works 👍👍❤❤
  • Good morning, I have quite the opposite situation right now... the fertility nurse called yesterday that my HSG was inconclusive and she said I will probably need a laparoscopy to see if both of them are blocked or just one. Not really understand why would they make me have a surgery that would not change the outcome as the tubes are bypassed with IVF.. It just doesn't make sense. I am hoping it was just the nurse speculating and she said once the doctor is back from holiday they will discuss what to do. I see no reason for the NHS to waste money and time on this that can also delay the whole process. I am freaking out big time, but there is a reasonable voice in my had says they will not insist on this surgery as we were not referred due to tube blockage, we qualify based on MIF. 
    I like your point on having 7billion people on the planet, haha!
  • Oh god that's so frustrating 🙄🙄.
    I suppose when you get the final official results through you and the doctor can decide if it's even worth the stress of you going through surgery. In some cases I've read that even after surgery the tubes can close up again 😥. I figure once I have the test and if I'm in the same boat as yourself I would probably just go straight to ivf. At my age I dont think it would be worth going through full on surgery.
    My af is due Thursday and even though I feel that it's coming so lm prepared for crap news i felt so down about it last night and I know I'll feel rubbish on the day itself😪.
    It's hard putting a brave face on it all...but I always dust myself off and carry on 👍.
    Try not to be too frustrated too, so easy to say I know but I totally get it 😊.
    I ordered that book this morning btw. Looking forward to getting into it 👍❤

  • Hi. I've just completed my third and final round of ivf. I'm now 9 wks + 1 pregnant. I too have blocked tubes due to endometriosis. Took about 10 years for hospital to look into it. The investigation side of things is quicker as they know why you can't conceive. I was told any scarring or obstruction in your tubes (if you conceive naturally) means increased risk of eptopic pregnancy due to more for embryo to get stuck/trapped in. Once ivf starts it's a quick process and is not like the movies show. Tell your manager at work as you have tests, scans etc plus injections affect your emotions, made me fuzzy brained, irritable etc. I started not being able to watch when my husband injected me or blindly injected myself to not being phased. 
  • Hi @MrsS35, nice to hear your story! At the moment the issue with me is that HSG was inconclusive and they could say for sure left side is blocked, however the right side the radiologist was unsure of. We have been referred by the fertility clinic for IVF in June (IVF will take place in a different town as the hospital we have the fertility clinic don't do IVF, just fertility investigation)and our first appointment is in two weeks (another 2WW haha), and now the fertility clinic (the appointment is with the clinic that performs IVF). So we got our referral for IVF due to MFI and we qualify for 3rounds. 
    Whilst we were waiting I thought maybe it's a good idea to have an HSG. I asked the nurse if I can get it done. They never asked for it to be done. So then she said it is irrelevant for IVF, but if I want to I can have it. So I stupidly went and now the same nurse told me yesterday I will likely need a laparoscopy surgery to see if the right side is blocked or not. My issue is, I don't want a surgery if there is zero point why would I get scars and cost time and money for the NHS knowing it makes no difference as whether that tube is open or blocked I will go for IVF. 
    Sorry for the long post, does it make sense to you? The biggest worry is not the scars and anaesthetics, but that she said it will delay IVF. I am dying to start IVF as soon as, not to wait for a surgery and be pushed back in line for no reason whatsoever.... :(
  • Hi @Bonnie1983, I know the feeling way too well when AF comes and it just destroys you, but as you say we need to shake it off ad keep going...
    So glad you got the book, as it is not only for people going for IVF, but all women who want to improve egg quality. I admit I have not started but we can read together and discuss, can't wait! :) 
    I had a vaccination yesterday as my blood showed I am not immune to Rubella (German Measles) and they don't do IVF unless you are immune. I was quite happy to get the jab as it is very dangerous to get Rubella when a woman is pregnant and my sister has 3children, they bring home all kinds of viruses all the time, I babysit them quite often. Better be safe than sorry. Only down side is that if you get the shot you can't try for a baby for a month as it is the virus they inject to make you immune. If I got pregnant now I would need to terminate the pregnancy. So I ovulated yesterday, but we had to sit this one out (HSG last week was done with an X-Ray so they told me to use protection in this cycle that's why I decided to get the shot as well. It's very difficult thought to not TTC when you know you are ovulating, I was quite frustrated...
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