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Severe pain after chemical pregnancy?

Hi all,
I had a frozen embryo transfer which ended in a chemical pregnancy last week (initial blood test showed low hcg level followed by a negative result two days later). So I stopped taking my meds and started my period Sunday...since Monday I’ve had unbearable abdominal and back pains, cramping etc. 

The ivf clinic say this is normal and should ease up once I stop bleeding...has anyone else experienced this? I wasn’t expecting the pain to be this bad! Am taking paracetamol and ibuprofen and it’s doing nothing for the pain! :(

many thanks. 


  • Hi, 

    I had massive backache and stomach cramps after my chemical last October. It lasted around a week and then it all went away. I bled for about 10 days though. Am so sorry you're going through this, I know how difficult it is. We are still trying for baby no. 1 Good luck with everything going forward xxxx
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