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Is it too late for me now?

Iam 47 years old i have two children.
I am trying to concive again, since i had my coil out about 10 years back, ive been trying to concieve again.
I am not on my menapause as of yet, my cyrcles are regular. 
Am i too old?
I have epilepsy diabetes but dr told me that will not affect it.
Please advice me.
Good luck for those who are trying.👶🍼


  • Hi LadyDee,
    I wish I could offer advice but I'm in a similar boat. I don't have any children but I feel like time has flown so quickly & I'm now 40 years old... have I missed my chance 😕 I was hoping to do egg sharing with ivf 10 years ago but unfortunately had so many medical & health set backs it was never to be. My dh has children from a previous marriage & they are all grown now so even when I was healthy & in my twenties we didn't qualify for NHS funding as we're not classed as a childless couple, & at the time couldn't afford to go private.  I've still a couple of obstacles to overcome, the biggest being my bmi, as unfortunately due to my health issues my weight ballooned & I gained over 5 stone in just over a year! It's so easy to gain but a nightmare to lose. Who knows what the future will bring but I've seen a few posts on here from ladies in their 40's & some great success stories so I think personally when my body gives up then that's when I'll accept it's not meant to be, until then we can only hope & try🤞 Good luck with your decision ladydee x
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