help with down reg issues

Has anyone been in this situation. I started nasal spray on day one of period and went for a scan 5 days later and was told ovaries are quiet but lining is too thick still and to come back 2 days later to make sure it’s thinning out . I went back and it was thicker and they said my ovaries might be producing estrogen even though I’m on the down reg spray. They gave me two injections of progesterone and said hopefully I’ll get another bleed and then come back for scan next Friday. 

I’m really confused by this situation , has anyone heard of this? I have no faith in this cycle now and I’m worried I won’t even bleed as my body clearly isn’t responding to the drugs. I don’t know what they’ll do if they don’t see what they want next week, cancel the cycle I assume! The nurse didn’t really explain much and just said ‘it’s not what we want to see at this stage’ 

I don’t reallt know what to think as I can’t find anything similar to this situation to read about! 

Also I’m confused how a shot of progesterone would cause a period? I took this throughout my successful cycle to stop spotting I had? 

Any help is much appreciated!


  • @PIPER53
    Hello dear, sorry to hear this. I think people don't reply maybe because they don't have knowledge in this area and i am one of them.
    But i really need to know how are you getting on. The way its look like for me is that i may have to go through ivf as well as i recently diagnosed for endometriosis in my hycosy. Although i have appoinment on 11th oct but i really want to know . So can you please let me know 
    1. Are you having ivf in UK, which hospital?
    2.what is the wait time after you book an appointment for ivf in general.
    3What is nasal spray, is it given in UK and how is it like?

    Thanks alot for listening.
    I hope you must have conceived till now and if not i really wish you luck to get all the baby dust.
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