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I have a question, i have been looking into IVF as i have reached cycle number 17, under a fertility consultant and have a follow up appointment in October. 

The area i live in is stating it offers 3 free cycles of NHS but the hospital i am under with my fertility consultant offers 0 (they are like 15 minutes away from each other)

So my question is, does it go on where you live or where your hospital is that depends on how many free cycles you get?


  • @chattychar1990 i can't help you with your question but i do have to go through the same path of TTC through ivf due to recently diagnosed by endometriosis in hycosy scan. i live in Reading and registered in RBH via NHS. i do have appointment in oct and my process will be first laprascopy and then ivf. Following your journey will really give me good knowledge. 
  • We were told it depends on the CCG your GP comes under. Where I live (Hampshire CCG) I couldn’t get ivf on the nhs as I’m 38 but if I could register at a gp under a surrey CCG I would get it on the nhs. However to do so I would have to find a gp and use a address in their catchment area to get around this loophole. To add to it ivf funding can take years to be finalised. As time is not on my side we decided to self fund. All in all it has code around £7500 for one cycle of ICSI IVF inclusive of drugs for us. I got my BFP on 27 sept now awaiting my 6 week scan to see if the pregnancy is viable. Good luck xx
  • @AndreaP Thanks alot dear sending this across. truly useful
  • Hello new to this, am a male and have very server oligozooospermia as my Testicles are smaller than normal, We  have been funded for two cycles in which We have just failed are 1st cycle, because embryo didn’t make it to  blastocyst Stage after 7 fertilised 

    I know a couple with the same condition as me and they got granted 3 cycles from nhs  and I  know two other couples that have not got any fertility problems but Carnt get pregnant  naturally and they have been funded two cycles on nhs i know it goes by where you live but we are all in the Liverpool area,, I have been reading the nhs Liverpool ccg page and it says
     “*NHS Liverpool CCG will adopt the draft IVF policy and fund two cycles of IVF, with a third cycle only funded via Individual Funding Request if exceptionality is evidenced.”
    so am just wondering if am Intitled to the third cycle or how do I applaud for this 
  • Hello, maybe this information will help you. My child was born through surrogacy in one of the clinics in Ukraine (Feskov Human Reproduction Group), and there, I met a girl who entered into the protocol IVF. It was her seventh attempt! But specifically in that clinic - the second. And so, everything worked out, recently she wrote to me in a skype that she gave birth to a lovely girl. So that's what I'm writing to, she said that in the end, the price was cheaper for her in Ukraine, even taking into account the flight and associated costs, than in America, and in Belgium, where she had passed the ivf earlier. 
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