Iui conception test help!

So we recently have undergone iui which was 14 days ago. We were stimulated iui. We have done what we have been told not to do and thats use at home tests. This morning we used a clear blue which gave us an almost negative result the line was so faint, 2 hours later we took another test and the line was there but still extremely faint. We took a digital test about 2 hours after that and recieved a not pregnant result. But after reading some forums online we are being hopeful in the idea that it maybe that the hcg levels just arent strong enough for the digital test. Whats your thoughts top test is from 10am second 12pm the second picture is the same tests just the brightness has been turned down on the camera. We have 2 days until our blood test at the clinic. Please help us. 


  • I am in the same boat I had stimulated IUI and am 14dpo today, blood tests on Thursday. This Ian my 3rd round and have learnt it’s best to wait for blood test even though it’s agonising. The way my nurse explained it to me was that if they could tell us any sooner they would but you don’t want to get a false positive. When are you die back at the clinic?

    It is true that it can take HCG levels longer to rise in some women so I really hope those lines get darker and this is your BFP, good luck!! Xx
  • Hey @Kaza2111 this is our first try we were in the head space that it wouldnt work first time. We are due back at the clinic on thursday morning for our blood test so just fingers crossed if not we want to start the next round straight away. 

    Good luck on thursday hopefully you get a good result. Let us know how you get on!! Xx
  • Same to you, I hope you get great news, let me know too 🤞🤞🤞🤞 xxx
  • Paint can most definitely work first time xxx
  • Hey @Kazam2817 how did you get on? Hope you got a BFP. We got our results back unfortunately it was only at 1.3 so we have arranged to start another round of iui right away. Fingers and toes crossed for this one xx
  • We were unsuccessful this time too so hoping to go again right away with round 4 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  • Aw im sorry to hear that but good luck on this try! Fingers and toes crossed for you! Are you going to do another round of simulated iui if you dont mind me asking 
  • Hey sorry been off here for a bit. We missed this month but are hoping to catch next time. How are you doing ? Xx
  • Hey yeah we are doing ok the second attempt feels nothing like the first one. We have 4 days until our blood test to see if its worked this go. How sre you doing? Xx
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