Starting IVF in Scotland

We had our first IVF appointment last week and now waiting for the blood results to come, then we will start IVF in my January cycle. Anyone else going through IVF in Scotland? Would love to share info and tips :)


  • Hey! Yes I'm going for an HSG test on 30th and then from there will find out results of all tests and be moving onto IUI first of all! How are you finding it all? 
  • Hi @MrsTTC9 , we are about to start our treatment in 3weeks time, it is getting very real now. 
    I did have 3 IUI's, as well as HSG test, it's all good fun :) 
    Are you unexplained? 

  • Hi ladies I’m jumping in here too hope u don’t mind!
    Hubby and I got our letter yesterday to say we’ve reached the top of the list on NHS (We are NI based) for ivf. I’ve to call then tomorro to make our first app. The letter says about haveing. Look screening done and thenOnce those results come back ok we get our app where the nurse explains the treatment and gives us the prescriptions etc. I’m cd 14 today, I wonder if it would be impossible to get started next cycle, in around 2weeks time or will it be the Feb cycle? 
    What way does it work with the blood screening etc can We get that done in the gp or do we have to go to the actual fertility clinic? 
    Sorry for the questions I’m so excited to get started! 
  • Hi @Genabella, glad to see you are getting closer to starting treatment as well. 
    Procedures can vary, but we went to the actual clinic where we had to fill in lots of forms and got an appointment where they took bloods from both of us. The blood results came about 2weeks time via post (they checked HIV and HEP B + C fro both of us plus AMH for me. About 2weeks after we received the blood results we got the information pack that is a massive pile of documents that has the schedule in it and basically that is the point when we found out when do we stat, which protocol we are on and when do we have to go to the clinic etc. 
    I can give you the dates if it helps: our bloods were taken on the 25th of November, then results arrived via post on the 6th of December, then received the information pack on the 18th of December saying I have to call them when my period comes in January. 
    Now my period was due to arrive yesterday so typical there is nothing.... waiting for it to arrive, but it's just one of those things. Nothing is happening at all. 
    When I get my period I have to call them and then go to the clinic for a scan 2days later for a day 3scan and they will check the lining and if everything is ok I can start stimming. 
    Have you called them? Exciting times!! x

  • Thanks Mrs. I called on Monday and we have blood screening on the 30th jan and then our first app with nurse on the 13th Feb. So exciting but so scared too! 
  • Hi @Genabella, that's good news so in 2weeks time you will have your screening appointment and it means you will start in your February cycle? That is very exciting!
    I got my period last night and called the clinic first thing this morning, I have to go for a scan on Friday when they tell me if we can start (they check the lining and whether I have any cysts present) and if everything is in order we start stimulation on the same day. I am also very excited and terrified at the same time :)

  • Yes I’m hoping so. I’m on cd15 today so I will prob be cd 1 or 2 again by the time I go for the blood screening, then near ovulation again by the time I get the next app on the 13th Feb. I’m phoning every morn to check for cancellations tho 
  • Hm.. well you can either start on day 21 of your cycle or day 3 depending on which protocol you are on. Usually the long protocol starts on day 21 because it has down regulation, the short protocol starts on day 3 and it follows your natural cycle (also called mild IVF), this is what I am having starting tomorrow. They decide which protocol to put you on once they have your AMH results. Fingers crossed they will have a cancellation sooner but even if they don't you are in a great position to start soon!
  • Ah that’s brilliant! I just want to get started now 
  • Let me know how u get on with yours tomorrow! 
  • You will not believe what just happened... got a phone call from the clinic saying they messed up and due to an error I got the wrong information pack and was put on the short protocol by mistake! So we should not go tomorrow and we are not starting treatment tomorrow after all!
    They will send out the nasal spray that I have to start using on day 21 of my cycle (so almost 3weeks from now) then I will be on the nasal spray for 2-3weeks and it will take for ages to complete. The baseline scan will be 6weeks later than it was going to (was gonna be tomorrow). I am so upset and feel let down! I was prepared mentally to starting tomorrow and now found out we could have started in my last cycle... Good old NHS.
  • Ah no!  I’m sorry that happened love! At least you know now that ur on the right protocol, better to know now than find out too late or have the treatment not work. So disappointed for you though!
    we got all of our forms through in the post This morn. 
  • Hiya! I actually have an update... later that day the doctor said if I wish to go ahead with the short protocol there is no reason why I can't, so I agreed to do so. 
    Went for a baseline scan on Friday, my lining was good and there were no cysts so I got the green light to start treatment. First injection was done that evening and today I am on day 4of stimmulation. 
    I don't feel anything yet, some cramps here and there, but nothing too bad, so we'll see how it is going to be later on. I am very excited to do this, tomorrow morning I have to add another injection so from then I will have 1in the morning and 1in the evening. My first progression scan is on Wednesday morning when we see how many follicles I have and basically how am I responding to the drugs, whether they need to change my dose up or down. 
    So you have your documents now ready to go and just have to wait for the appointment? Are you still calling them for cancellations? xx
  • Ah that’s brilliant I’m delighted for u! I really hope I get a short protocol too! 
    How are u finding injecting urself? Have u told anyone you are doing ivf?
    i didn’t get to call today o was mad busy and the day totally got away from me. I’m only home now from 715am. Recked 😂 
    when I called Friday they had nothing earlier so I’ll check in morn. It’s Thursday week for bloods and then 13th Feb, two weeks later for the 2hr fertility nurse app. I think it’s at This one I get the protocol and info etc. I’m so excited 
  • I imagine you are as I was too! Remember your eggs are developing for 3months so what you do and eat now does matter. 
    Day 5 of stimms today, I had to add the second injection this morning so from now on I will have one in the evening and one in the morning. Apparently stimmulation phase lasts about 10-12days so tomorrow at my first scan we will be half way there whoop whoop! 
    I have zero side effects so far so a bit concerned what if it's not working? But I was told we will get more and more uncomfortable as we go along so hoping by the weekend I will definitely feel my ovaries.. IT is also possible they up my dose, we will know so much more tomorrow. 
    Injections are totally fine, not painful or anything, plus I feel like a superhero after each one of them. You feel like you are DOING something and that is great. I like the injection stage. 
    I ma pleased I am on the short protocol as the long is soooo much longer (about a month) and the first 3weeks nothing actually happens just down regulation, that puts you into menopause and allegedly isn't nice. Once you know your AMH that will give you a good indication of the next steps. 
    Have you called them since? Hope you managed to get a good night sleep.
  • I called again Theo morn but still nothing. I think the other girl I know was just lucky when she rang. I’d a great nights sleep, was out before my head hit the pillow 😂
    ah that’s great ur finding it all ok. Does anyone know ur doing ivf?
  • Only my boss and his wife as they have an IVF kid, but nobody else at all. Probably that's the reason I am on forums so much as I need to talk to people about it, but I don't want to involve friends family or colleagues. You?
  • Yeah same here. My best friend knows as she has been here too, her Little miracle is 4monthd old now, so she understands the struggle. Once I find out the protocol etc I’ll have to tell my parents and my sister. Hubby and I are due to head away in March and I’d say we deffo won’t be able to go now so I need to explain that, and also we are going on holiday together in May, so I’ll need to tell them but no point yet until o know for Dec what’s happening. I work alongside my dad and see him every day so it will prob be easier for me to have him know. We aren’t telling my husbands family, we don’t see them that often, so we will tell them when it works and I have the BFP. My sister is 12 weeks next week so I don’t want to tell anyone and burst her bubble. 
  • Great to have your best friend understand you this way, I don't have anyone who's been through this (maybe it's a good thing, I am not entirely sure for their sake), but my boss' wife is the sweetest and most supportive person ever. We barely know each other and she has been my rock, supporting me throught this constantly checking up on me, I am going to be forever grateful for this. 
    On the other hand it is kind of nice to share this secret with DH and hide it from the world as it is just ours and we don't want anyone to ask questions or not ask, but want to ask you know that awkward thing between people. 
    We got married last May (I mean 2018) so not even 2years ago meaning people don't really think ther is something going on as we were not very open about trying so I think they would start asking questions maybe after our second anniversary, but maybe not, hopefully by then we will have news to share. 
    I am looking forward to tomorrow so much, seriously it can't come soon enough as this will be the first time we actually see how I respond to the meds. 15hours to goooo and I think I could sleep at least 10 of them through haha so sleepy for some reason. You will see it is impossible to tell whether it's the meds or you are just bloated because you ate grapes, you are tired because of the meds or just didn't sleep as much as you should have, the list never ends, all the good fun to look forward to! :)

  • That’s brilliant you have someone to check in and keep a wee eye on you. I do feel like me and hubby are in a wee bit of a secret bubble too. We are married 4 years this May coming, but like u we haven’t discussed our desire for a a family at all. People have asked me loads since my 2yr anniversary about babies but I fell it’s let up a wee bit now. I only get asked very occasionally now. I think some close friends have a bit of a 6th sense about these things, it’s always the random strangers or 3rd cousins or great aunt Mary who asks the inappropriate questions😂 

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