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Can anyone advise me how long their wait times were with NHS before starting the actual treatment.  

I am at the stage of having my HyCoSy in a few days.  However its a male infertility factor.  Our first consultant appointment is in five months.  

Just wondered from here on what we can expect to wait...

I have read so many posts on here however nothing to be clear of timings.  

Thank you and hope you can give me some assistance from your own experiences.  


  • Hey. We were 1st referred to the fertility Clinic back in May. We thought it was male factor due to a bad SA result. But having repeated the test a few times the results have come back better and within normal ranges(hubby had been ill at the time of the 1st test). So we were put down as unexplained, as all my tests inc hycosy were normal.  
    We had our 1st app with a consultant In Aug and were told we would be sent for within 12weeks for a review. 
    I called up in Oct to ask about this and was told the consulatant We seen was off on long term sickness and the wait time for the review/2nd app would be a few more months. I then paid privately for the 2nd app, it was £150. We were seen on the 28th Nov and placed on the list for IVF. We were told the wait time was 5months. 
    On sat past we got a letter offering treatment and saying we had reached the top of the list. I’m still in shock it’s come around This fast! I’m so glad we paid for the private app. The rest of the treatment will be on the NHS. 
    We have our blood screening app on the 30th Jan followed by our 1st app with the fertility nurse, who will go through the treatment plan and the meds etc. We are based in NI 
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