Good Morning everyone.

Has anyone on here had any experience with going abroad for IVF?

We are starting to look into options and would love to hear any personal experiences ...where do I begin?

we are currently looking into Spain however the Czech Republic seem to be the cheapest place to go?

any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,

Jo x


  • I personally cant relate 
    But my uncle and his partner were TTC for a very long time. They tried locally and nothing worked. After 10 years they went to Spain. 
    They are now going strong and she is 4 months along. 
  • Thanks you.

    Its always nice to hear success stories :)

    Jo x

  • Hi - I’m not going through IVF but I’ve been listening to a podcast called bigfatnegative which has given me so much knowledge about it (it may be something for us in the future) and one episode features an interview with a couple who went abroad. It was so insightful - https://www.bigfatnegative.com/ episode 12 x
  • Thank you I will definitely have a listen :)


  • Hi Jo

    i’ve just got back from north Cyprus having had a cycle of IVF
     with PGd and yesterday I tested positive!! Over the moon. I really had no clue where to go but my research including the forums always led back to cyprus and specifically to a clinic called Duniya. It was rated in the top 10 in Europe. It was the best decision I made for so many reasons. My experience was as good as it could be in the circumstances- the coordinator was amazing and spoke fluent English and was in constant communication with me via WhatsApp and email, she sent me videos on how to do my medication, the Dr was compassionate and reassuring and the facilities were just fantastic. They have had a purpose build clinic built and wow- the standards were exceptional. I needed to b in Cyprus less than 7 days but stayed for 10. Price wise I think it might be slightly more expensive but I think it was Defo worth paying. I think the atmosphere helped to relax me and given the nature of the invasive procedures, there was nothing I could suggest that I could ask them to improve what I went through. 

    The medications are expensive and I had a number of transvaginal scans during the stimulation process so that increased the costs overall. 

    Hope this helps! 

    Raj x
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