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Unsuccessful IVF

Hello ladies, 
I'm 30 years old and the last 3 years I'm trying to have a baby through IVF treatment... Me and my husband decided to go in Athens for the IVF. So far we have done 3 tries with no successful pregnancy... My feelings are indescribably... All the tests and checks i have done are normal... The doctors can't give any answers of what is going on according to my tests results ... I Feel hopeless, HOPELESS... I don't know what else to do... We have got 1 more trial and that's it... I am very patient person but now i am so close to give up.... Does any of you have similar experience? 


  • @Katen6 I’m sorry it’s taking so long for you!  Is it just ivf you are having, could it be worth trying ivf with icsi? 
  • Thanks for your advice SR19. Due to i leave in UK and i have to travel to Athens how easy is to arrange an ICSI? Apart from that i have spoken with 2 doctors and no one suggested it... Thank you for your advice and i will speak with my doctor again if i could try icsi... Does it have better results? 
  • @katen6 sorry I didn’t see you reply.  Icsi - they transfer one individual sperm and place it directly into the egg. It is better for lazy/low sperm as you only need the one good one to be inserted into the egg.  Rather than letting them find their own way into the egg which is normal IVF. 
  • @SR19 Thanks a lot for your Reply. Unfortunately 3 doctors i visited 2 in Greece and 1 in UK they said to me having an IVF... The only problem they found was a low speed and low quality in my husband's sperm. With all those IVFs i have done so far i feel like i am raping myself... I hope every women trying to have a baby get over all the difficulties very quickly... I will speak with the doctors about it and see what he says.... But Thanks again 
  • Katen6

    maybe its worth trying to focus on improving your egg quality first before you go through another IVF cycle. you would need at least 12 weeks for that. hope this helps x
  • What clinic in Greece did you undergo your treatment? From what I know IVF clinics in Greece get high success rates, you can check out whether your clinic in listed on eggdonationfriends site, and what their reviews are. Your further steps depend mainly on what the reason why your treatment failed. If eggs quality is the issue, IVF DE might be one of the options. If yr doc are not sure as to the reason, PGS NGS might be the most effective in this case. Good luck
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