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First time IVF

Hello all, My partner and I have been trying for a while now and after a few mc’s and failed IUI we are now looking to try IVF. Our consultant has agreed that it’s our best option given that I have no fertility issues just age isn’t on my side (37). We are looking to start this next month and I just wanted to see if anyone else was willing to share their IVF stories so I can gain a bit more insight into what happens and how the egg retrieval etc goes, thanks in advance xxx


  • Hi @Kazam2817 , I think I have spoken to you on another forum (been on here for a few years now). I've had my first fresh cycle of IVF in October which unfortunately ended is a chemical in December. Just in the middle of a new cycle for a frozen embryo cycle. 🤞

    To answer some of your questions will depend on what protocol you are on. The consultant will decide this based on tests and how regular your AF is etc. there are two options, a long or short protocol. I was put on the long protocol as I have very low AMH. This meant that I had to take an injection called buseralin on CD21 to down regulate or I'm simple terms stop my pituitary gland from releasing hormones so therefore stop me from getting ready to ovulate. They want to control all this themselves. 2 weeks later I started my menopur injection which stimulates your ovaries for follicles. 2 weeks later had my egg retrieval and 5 days later had egg transfer and then tested 11 days after that. It was a very long process but I enjoyed the science about it. There was lots of meds (I've just touched on a few). It seems like a lot to take in bit when you're in the swing of it you feel like a pro. 

    Happy to answer any more questions 😊
  • Hey @sas1101 yeah I think we chatted before on another thread. I used to be on here all the time but my last mc took its toll so I had taken a break. I am just at the start of my IVF journey so have to go for an ovarian assessment first. Was the egg retrieval worse than you thought? I am not great with anaesthetic so am a bit freaked about that part. My last AMH count was really high, so high they thought I had PCOS but I don’t. However that was a few years ago so I have to get another AMH and a few other blood tests too. 

    Thanks for responding and I am keeping fx for you and this cycle xxx
  • I'm so sorry to hear of your MC's @Kazam2817. This TTC business is possibly one of the hardest things to do in life if it doesn't go well. Big hugs. 

    Sounds like your ovarian reserve will be good 😊 I think most NHS clinics follow the long protocol so you could possibly be on that one. The egg retrieval was fine. I didn't have a GA but a sedative which is the same as a GA but they don't intubate you so after effects aren't as bad. I think they will probably be the same for you. I was definitely out for the count during and don't remember a thing once they put the drug through my cannula. In fact I woke up and told the nurse how wonderful my dreams were whilst under, my oh still takes the piss out of me now because he watched me in my semi sedative state saying it 😂 I recovered really quickly and was out of the clinic about an hour after retrieval. It was the aftermath of retrieval that was the worse. A few days after i felt very bloated and sore, I found it a little painful to walk. Also I was constipated (sorry tmi) and because I was in pain couldn't push. I bought myself some prune juice which sorted it all out nicely 🙈 That was the worse part of the whole experience and it lasted two days max. It's really an exciting time, don't get me wrong I was apprehensive at times but I do look back on the whole experience fondly. Xx
  • Thanks for all that information, am sure it will be fine. It is a private clinic that we go to so I don’t know if that impacts on how they do things. It is exciting to be trying again I just worry about not having any good quality eggs or them not taking if we get to implantation stage but I think the worry is prob natural. 

    TTC is by far one of the hardest Things I have ever gone through. Hopefully it will all come good in the end and we both end up with or little bubbas xx
  • @Kazam2817 Oh you may be on short protocol if private clinic. I think it's very similar except you don't have to down regulate.

    I'm 38 and with low AMH I was also very worried about egg quality. However, I responded really well and all 7 of my mature eggs fertilised and 6 made it to top grade blostocyst stage. I took ubiquinol for 3 months before starting and I swear it helped with my outcome of eggs. It's a bit pricey but definitely worth a try and my consultant was happy for me to take it. 

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Here if you have any other questions. Xx
  • @sas1101 that has made me feel so much better and more hopeful about it working given that we are similar age. I will look into ubiquinol and talk it over with my consultant.

    How long did it take from start of treatment to implantation? And sorry for all the questions but you really are helping me a lot so thank you x
  • Aww that's ok @Kazam2817 happy to help in anyway and we are all in this together so ask away 😊

    As I was on the long protocol I had to down regulate on CD21. So the time from that first injection until transfer was just shy of 5 weeks. I then had to wait 11 days to test, so in total from starting meds until test day was 6 weeks. I think with the short protocol its around 11-14 days shorter. I hope this helps. Have your clinic given you any indication what protocol you'll be on? Xx
  • No not yet as I have been waiting to get in for an appointment to get testing done first. They are booking me in for my ovarian assessment and then I guess we take it from there 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  • Fingers crossed for you. Keep my updated 🤞
  • I will do thanks and you keep me updated with how it’s all going. Hopefully we both have good news soon xxx
  • Hey @sas1101 I know its only been a couple of days since I last posted but I thought I would update you that I have my ovarian assessment on the 18th July. Am so excited that things are moving forward and hopefully I get goof results back, Hope things are going well with you x
  • Hi @Kazam2817 that's amazing news! I'm so pleased for you. Have you had an ovarian assessment done before? I'm sure you'll have the results very quickly and will be able to start very soon. Eeek very exciting!! 

    Things good with me, thank you for asking 😊 I'm feeling a little yucky but getting closer. Hopefully my egg transfer will be on the 23rd 🤞
  • Hi @sas1101 that’s awesome about your egg transfer, not long to go at all!!! Will be keeping everything crossed for you this time. 

    We are quite excited but cautious. I have had an AMH year and they thought it was high and that I had PCOS but I don’t I just have a good egg deserve but that was a few years ago. Besides it’s not the number of eggs it’s the quality and the fact that I have had chemicals etc makes me worry that they are not the best but trying to stay positive, will see how it goes. Will keep you updated xx
  • Hi @Kazam2817 not long until your appointment! They will probably do a transvaginal scan to check there's no cysts and your lining looks good. Hopefully you'll get the go ahead and will get more info on your protocol and drugs. How are you feeling? 

    I had a scan this morning and my lining wasn't quite ready for transfer. They want a minimum of 8mm and it was 7.4mm so almost there.theyve increased drug dose and I go back on Tuesday for another scan. So transfer won't happen next week now. Oh well what one more week in the scheme of things 😊🤞
  • Hey @sas1101 I am
    looking forward to the appointment will be good to get things going and feeling pretty good. trying not to get too stressed with it all and just seeing how things go.

    am sorry about your lining hunni but you’re almost there and as you said what’s one more week in the grand scheme of things. Will be keeping everything crossed for you that it’s all good next time xx

  • Hi @Kazam2817 I hope you're well. How did you go with your appointment? X
  • Hey we have gone back to doing IUI as they said they had to push back the IVF. Something to do with a delay in something so rather than have the next few months doing nothing, we will try IUI again as there is nothing wrong with my fertility just age (am 37) so you never know, we might just get lucky 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Will keep you posted. How are things with you? X
  • Hi @Kazam2817 that's great you have been offered IUI. You have done this before? I have everything crossed for you. When will you start? I don't know much about the IUI process but I gather you have to take meds for ovulation and uterine thickness. It's very exciting for you. 

    I'm good, thank you for asking. I have the go ahead for transfer on the 28th. I have my Covid test on Saturday. I have times my annual leave perfectly so I'm planning on chilling for the next two weeks. Xx
  • That’s great @sas1101 will be keeping everything crossed. This will be our 5th time doing IUI so still hoping it works but will see how it goes. Yes you were right about the drugs too. It won’t happen until about this time next month as I was too late to catch this month so keep g 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 For us both for BFP August/September xxcc
  • Hi @Kazam2817 how are you going with your IUI? I posted this on the wrong forum last week 🙈 xx
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