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One week post FET

Hi all! 

I am wondering if you can help me I have been taking pregnancy tests since 5 days after FET and had positives test since however, On my last fresh cycle I have a chemical so I am not allowing myself to get excited just yet this morning I felt like my test was lighter I’m so confused, Did anybody else have any symptoms after one week FET and had a positive? Any advice would be so helpful xxx


  • Morning lovely, those lines look absolutely fine. The last one doesn't look lighter at all. You are testing everyday so wouldn't see a massive progression just yet plus there's still time as you're only 7dp and that's a great line for this stage. 

    I've also had chemical pregnancies from my last two ivf cycles so completely get the anxiety. My lines never got darker with them cycles so your lines look great. I know it's very hard (I've been there) but if you can wait two days before testing again and you should see better line progression. Try to keep yourself distracted with a good book, TV show etc. I'm currently 6dp5dt (FET) and I'm doing anything to stay occupied. I've been walking, reading, watching romcoms and even doing a Vinay jigsaw puzzle 🤣 I haven't tested yet though. 

    As for symptoms, some woman have none and some women have lots. Try not to read into or lack of symptoms or you'll end up going crazy 🤪

    Fibgers crossed those lines get darker for you 🤞🏻 xx
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