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EDD dates

I had a 5 day IVF FET on 4 th Aug, when I walked out of clinic I was 2 w5d. All the calculators factoring in the FET say I am due on 22nd April 2021. The IVF clinic say 9th April,the 12 week scan says 19th April, the 20 week scan says 23rd April. The sonographers have to go by EDD put down on paperwork but they, and 2 other drs don't think the 9th is correct.  I am also a diabetic so correct dates are important. I think the clinic may have made an error on my paperwork. Which do I go by?  Should I ask my dr to ask I V F dr to recheck their dates? 


  • I would of thought they would go off your 12week scan thats usually how things go with dates. I do know that soon as you conceive your classed as two weeks pregnant, hence why your dates can be 2weeks out when it comes to your 12week scan. In the UK, if the baby was measuring a few days ahead or behind they wouldn’t change your due date X
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