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IVF pregnancy 5 weeks in and VERY anxious

Hi all,
We’re been on our IVF journey for 3 years now and have failed once and miscarried once (blighted ovum).
We find ourselves this time having a positive pregnancy test and I’m now awaiting our viability scan. 
The thing is I’m so overwhelmed and frightened that this isn’t real. I’ve bled once last week but my nurse tested my HGC levels and said they were still very high. I relaxed a little, began feeling super nauseous everyday which I took as good. Now at week 5 the nausea has worn off and now I’m just without an appetite. Is this normal? Im reading so many conflicting blogs. I so sure I’m about to go through the same. Can a blighted ovum be something that happens again and again? 
I’m trying to stay positive but this process is just horrible. I can’t feel the joy of this until there’s a physical baby in my arms. I have a few friends who are pregnant but as they haven’t had IVF, I don’t think they’ll understand my high level of fear 😞

just looking for people who feel my overwhelming fear and perhaps have positive stories to share ❤️


  • @Ams211 I have never had Ivf but have 100% felt your fear and anxiety. I lost my baby boy at 5 months pregnant then got pregnant again- which was traumatic as I couldn’t settle my anxiety, only to miscarry at 11 weeks. I then got pregnant again and was a blubbering mess. I really struggled with everything, scans, appointments, questioning every symptom etc but I’m happy to say I have a beautiful little 16 month old daughter now who was worth every worry. Good things do happen!!! I’ll keep everything crossed for you.😘😘😘xxx
  • I can't help with the IVF side of things, but hopefully i can ease your mind on the symptoms side?
    When I first tested positive I had instant nausea the next day, it was really bizarre, and really sore boobs, and lots of little stretching pains for a few days.. Then it all just went away for a couple of weeks! But then my real nausea started around week 7 and lasted until week 16ish? I think its just one of those things that comes and goes at different times for different people.
    I do understand what you mean though, if you feel sick it makes you feel like things are progressing, but there is nothing you can do so try and focus on the positives for now and don't let the worry get to you too much xx
  • This is exactly how I’m feeling right now. I have a follow up scan tomorrow at six weeks as the gestational sac was really small last week. This is our third and last round of IVF (at 44) so I’m terrified I’m about to be told that it’s stopped growing or there’s no heartbeat. I really hope I’m wrong. I’m so anxious I can’t think straight! 
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