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My hycosy test revealed my left tube is completely blocked. My consultant has told me it's highly unlikely we'll conceive naturally (I'm 36) and says we qualify for IVF. I'm in south London on the cut off between South East and West CCG and I'm looking for advice on NHS route versus private. Does anyone know how many cycles you can get on NHS in these CCGs?
Thanks in advance for any help,


  • Hello Jemma! I think it is 3 cycles that you can get in CCGs in the NHS but perhaps in order to have a more solid answer you should ask them directly because I might be mistaken. 
    I was looking into the NHS funding for a while and I was even qualified for it but then I realised that the lines I would have to wait on would be endless. So I decided to go ahead and book an appointment with a private clinic in Cyprus. 
    Have they informed you how long you would have to wait to start your treatment?
    Best of luck!
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