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Travel to Spain for IVF

My husband and I have started our IVF journey last November. We have our clinic in Spain. Were due to have the egg retrieval in December but then the travel ban hit and we had to postpone. Now that the travel ban is lifted we are to start again. Due to our age we can't wait around for too long. Looking at the entry restrictions in Spain it is unclear if we can attend a medical appointment and procedure. I have contacted various consulates in England, one of them said yes and another one sent me a link to the UK's Spanish Consulates website which actually doesn't clarify anything...
I wondered if anyone here is trying to do the same and have more information. 


  • Hi 
    myself and my husband are I. The same predicament did you get any clear information as I can not find anything and meant to be flying out at the start of June :-( 
  • Hello
    At the end we got in contact with the Spanish consulate in London. They told me to request a medical excemption certificate. We sent in our request with a letter from our clinic but it was turned down and we couldn't travel. There was no explanation as to why and no option to appeal. 
    There is talk about Spain lifting restrictions from June but no date has been confirmed. We decided to wait until then as I am pretty sure that if we tried to enter the country while restrictions are still in place without a certificate from the equivalent of the Spanish Home Office, we will be turned away at the boarder. 
    It's worth emailing the consulate. You might get a different answer. If you do, please let me know. Good luck
  • Hi @Sunflower75 ! I had the same type of issues. My clinic was closed for some time and now I get to travel next week to start on the procedure. I am beyond scared but, just like you, I cannot wait any longer. I'm having mine in Cyprus though so perhaps there is a bit of a difference there. Can't you ask from your clinic to give you a paper that will verify that you are travelling for health reasons? I'm pretty sure that this would cover it.
  • That’s great you can fly must be such a relief! 
    Spain unfortunately isn’t the same ☹️ The Spanish Consulate came back saying we can not fly until their border restrictions are lifted, expected to be on the green list on the next announcement 🤞 
  • The best way is to contact eggodonationfriends, they are very knowledgeable and run webinars regularly.
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