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Miscarriage or not?

I have had my first ivf cycle and got a BFP , I had my 7wk viability scan and they couldn’t see a fetal pole but could see gestational sac and yolk sac so sent me to epu a week after. I had the scan and they saw a baby with a heartbeat but said I was measuring 6wks so 2 wks behind what ivf clinic said. I had a private scan a week later and they said I was still 6wks so no growth but heartbeat still there- is this start of a mc ? 


  • Hi @Madewithlove - I’m sorry to read your story.  How’d you get on in your next scan? 
    I had a scan at 6 weeks today abs there was a gestational sac but that was it - I have to go back next week for another scan but don’t see the point 😢 
  • Oh try stay positive because 6weeks is so early to have a scan anyway. I lost mine at 10wks 6days but did have a scan with a healthy heartbeat but it just wasn’t meant to be this time. Fingers crossed for you. I know it’s hard to not think about it but stress and worry is not good you mentally. Keep busy :) good luck 🤞 here if you need to chat. I finally feel myself again after my MC
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