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Anybody else starting stims this month for IVF?

Hi ladies, can't believe I'm back and this time posting in the IVF/assisted conceptions forum! But very glad to be able to hopefully find like minded ladies to go through this process with.  I am due to start stims on 22nd May, but ultimately it's down to when my bleed is, as I am currently taking Norethisterone until Friday then I have a 7 day window to have a bleed. Look forward to speaking! xx


  • ThehappyvetThehappyvet Regular
    edited May 18, 2021 7:55PM
    How is it going for you? Do you have any side effects? I am starting on my IVF pretty soon and I'm mortified by the upcoming stims.  :(
  • @Thehappyvet hi there! I checked back a few times but as I had no replies I forgot to come back, and then just saw your message!  I thought stims was absolutely fine, and I didn't have any side effects at all, but all ladies are different.  One thing I want to say is the needles are SO THIN, as long as you ice the area before injecting they are pretty much painless.  How are you getting on?  We ended up with two blastocysts, one in the freezer and one transferred, I'm currently 6 days past a day 5 transfer! x
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