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My Daughter In Law undertook IVF and after 2 attempts has just given Birth to a healthy  smiling Baby Boy. Great news ! but the journey financially has pitfalls. The costs break down into two areas-  the cycle costs and the meds. The quick win is on the meds as it gets supplied and delivered by the same Pharmaceutical Company that the private Clinics use.. Just Get a private prescription from the Clinic you are using and shop around. You can save up to 25-40% on private clinic prices ,and that's a lot of money depending upon how many cycles you have to undertake. I hope this helps someone just starting out.      


  • congrats to your daughter! The second way to save on IVF is to use All inclusive offers by clinics, a few friends of mine who were using All inclusive paid EUR2,500 for top notch treatment with meds in Poland.
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