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Potential SMBC

Hi all! I’m a 39 year old single mother of a 20 year old daughter who’s about to become a single mother herself and I’m pregnant with my second child (due in April)! 5 years ago I had a miscarriage and some time after that I looked at becoming a single mother by choice through assisted reproduction. I was told I wasn’t a good candidate and was likely unable to conceive. In a later relationship I was able to conceive the child I’m carrying now naturally! After this baby is born if I decide to give this child any younger siblings I’d want to do it as a single mother by choice without involving a father. Have any of you ladies become mothers that way and what do you think about it?


  • Hi Bsonja, am 37 single woman and decided to be a SMBC because of my age and I've always wanted to be a mum. I've been trying for 5 months now with a lovely donor I found on a donor website.

    As of now still no luck last month my period was late 4 days I thought I was pregnant,ttw is a nightmare.
    Do you have any advice on getting pregnant?
    I've been watching you tube videos for help.
  • Hi Mumbychoice! First off let me tell you how much I respect and admire your choice! I think women who become single mothers by choice are so empowering! As a woman who is a single mother by circumstance I love seeing a woman decide to become a mother without a relationship! In my experience wanting a “normal” family for my girls led me into some bad choices and heartache! 
    I’m curious by what you mean about a donor website? Is this a sperm bank or something else? I’m curious because one of my frustrations was the lack of Black donors in sperm banks. If this is something else please let me know.
    Oh girl I so wish I could give you advice on how to get pregnant from donor sperm but I never got that far in the process. My youngest was conceived naturally totally by surprise. I wasn’t using any contraception and I didn’t insist on my partner using anything because of my belief that I couldn’t get pregnant! When he let me know he didn’t want to be a father I was honestly relieved! By this point I’m confident about being a single mother. Now I’m blessed with my miracle baby and my beautiful granddaughter!
    Your doing the right thing here and I’m rooting for you! I know you’ll be blessed with a beautiful baby! Please let me know how your feeling and about your donor arrangement! 
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