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I was hoping that you could give me some guidance about this. I'm based in London, and before I turned 40 (2 weeks ago) the GP had referred me to a hospital for IVF. The doctor told me that because I was turning 40 in 7 weeks, they needed to request CCG approval for IVF soon, and assured me that it would happen this summer. I have had tests done since then, and all were ok. However, when I followed up with the hospital yesterday, I received a email response saying that because I was now over 40, the CCG was very strict and they would not fund the IVF for us. World shattered of course. My husband is from Newcastle and we were planning moving there in a few months, depending on the IVF process. According to your website, Newcastle CCG covers 1 round of IVF for women between 40-42 so we will definitely try that. Has anyone gone through something similar? Is it really like that?

How was your experience of IVF in Newcastle? Time is of essence, of course, so doing it privately is an option too if the NHS proves to be a disappointment once again. Any recommendations in Newcastle for private IVF clinics? 

Thank you so much and I'm glad there is a support community for something like this. 

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