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IVF in cyprus


I have actually had 3 failed IVF cycles in UK, and one of my ttc buddies I met online advised me to go to pearl fertility; I have been speaking with the coordinator Magda and she has been so helpful. I wanted to hear more if you have any experience in it and have dealt with it. 

Also, She's just a consultant and cooperates with the clinic and she was very honest from the beginning and said to me that, I asked if I can contact and continue with someone from the clinic and she politely accepted and moved me to another full-time coordinator in the clinic. Once I started talking with the clinic's full-time coordinator, it's been horrible no answers and so many delays and made me feel stressed even more. 

Now I feel so stressed and I am thinking to go back to talk with the first coordinator as I felt so much happier and relaxed also many of her old patients told me that they felt amazing with her. She doesn't charge any extra from the hospital, does it make sense to go back and leave a full-time worker, please help me as am really stressed and sometimes even doubting going for another IVF. 


  • I am sorry you are going through this. In my opinion, you should to move back to your co-ordinator to be happy with. You will be paying out of pocket, and need to focus on treatment feeling relaxed and confident your treatment will work out for you. Staying with a current co-cordinator and adding additional stress, in my opinion, is not a positive experience. Good luck
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