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Looks like I'm officially in your gang now :)

I rang to complain today about still not getting results, the manager phoned me today and apologised re the wait etc. She advised that I wasn;t on the HSG list as I now do not need to get one and if the letter had been sent to me earlier I would have known. OH SA's are low she couldn't give specifics over the phone but advised it is detailed in the letter which will go tomorrow - the jist of it is that we are being recommended for ICSI or IVF.

In on eway I am glad now that we have direction but in another so frustrated, get this, the waiting list to see the consultant again in order to decide for deffo is 6 months, I kid you not, then once we go here we will decide on treatment and THEN we go on the treatment list which depending on which it is is 9 months waiting at earliest up to 1 and a half years image Just gutted to be honest, I alwyas thought int he back of my head that we wouldn't get this far and would get our BFP as we already have a son together?! Just shows you that nothing is guaranteed. Have worked it out at the very earliest I could be getting treatment in August 2010 or worst case April 2011, unless we have a few grand lying about which we dont as maxed on mortgage n stuff image

Was thinking of may be paying for the 6 month wait consult?? THinking that at least this would knock 6 months off but have to look into it further. I did ring back once all was digested and spoke to the lovely wee girl in reception who was very helpful a few weeks ago, she has advised that there isn't a cancellation waiting list as they just go to next person in queue however as I teach and am off in the summer and can go with 1 hour notice she advised if she gets any very short cancellations she will try to get me in which was very nice of her which made me cry again!!!

Feel so bad of OH he is joking saying he doesn't work etc but he is gong to finally give up smoking which is a plus. Sorry for long post just seems to have been a really long day and thank you to all who replied earlier always so lovely to have the support in here xxxx
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