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Help with follicle size

Hi ladies,

I've been stimming for 7 days and had a scan today. They counted 11 follicles on 1 ovary and 3 on the other, but all were between 5 and 10mm at present. They said early days yet, but just wondered if I'm still in with a chance (3 follies were about10mm)

I feel really down, I really can't cope if I don't even make to egg collection.


Em J xxx


  • Please try not to wind yourself up too much. I think its important to trust your clinic and to trust that they would up your dosage if they felt your follicles weren't growing enough. I am having Egg Collection on Wednesday and each time I had a scan I did intend to ask re follicle size (as I'd heard many ladies mention it before) but I never did in the end as they'd just say "you are doing very well, we're very happy with your progress" so I decided not to ask so I couldn't wind myself up.

    I had to trust that they knew what they were doing and that they'd help me if things weren't going well. 11 follicles is a good number and you have plenty of time for them to keep growing.
  • Hi again Em J image

    I've trawled back through my previous cycle and on day 7 I had a scan with 9 follicles they actually measured (there were more) measuring between 7.5 and 15mm was the largest so apparently I was a little ahead of average and they might cut my menopor down (which they didn't) so your follicles sound pretty darned good to me image In fact no, you should be bloomin chuffed you've got 14 follies.

    I was also worried that the smaller ones were too small however by EC there were some that were 22mm plus and they were no use! So my personal feeling is you've got a fab number and size and just keep chugging along.

    Honestly it's all looking fab so far image

    Alison xx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies, I went for my scan today and unfortunately the majority of follies hadn't grown v much, still below 10mm. 2 had grown to about 12-14mm so they have upped my dosage to 5 vials of Menopur as opposed to 3.

    Just trying to stay positive and see what happens at the scan on Friday xxx
  • Hi EmJ,

    Hope the extra menopor kick started your follicles. Very inconsiderate there wasn't much change on wednesday.

    I got really annoyed with all the bubbles mixing up so many vials!

    Good luck for your scan today,

    Alison xx
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