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I've just been for my scan today to check my response to the Menpour injections. So far so good, I've got 11 follies in my right overy ranging from 11mm to 16mm. The left overy however only has two follies, 1 is 11mm the other 7mm. They've said the 7mm one is probably no good which is ok I think as I've got plenty on the right.

Do any of you know if this is normal? Is it ok for one to 'grow' more follies than the other?

Also what size follies are they looking for?

Thank you. xxx


  • Hi Em,

    Have no advice but I am due to start my injections on Saturday ..... Best of luck x
  • I think in each of my IUI and IVF treatments I always had one ovary that was a bit more active than the other. In terms of target follicle size, individual clinics may have a different approach, but I've always been told they are mature when they reach 17/18mm. I had one grow as large as 24mm to give some of the others a chance to catch up though!

    Good luck
  • Thanks for the well wishes girls.

    MrsD, thanks for your info. I've been back to the clinic this morning, seems the ones I have are growing well and we've got some good size'd follies. I think I had about 6 between 16 and 19 which is good. Looks like egg collection is def going ahead on Monday. Aaaaaaaaaaaah

  • Hi EmaC - the past two cycles only my right ovary responded. The last cycle I didn't get to embryo transfer, but the one before, I got four eggs and 2 perfect embryos.

    Good luck for EC x
  • Thanks Moggs, makes me feel much better to know I'm not the only one. Fingers crossed mines that good on Monday. xx
  • just G/C so say that I hope today went well! I've got everything crossed for you xx
  • Thanks littleb, yesterday wasnt too bad. They got 8 eggs which was good and hubbys swimmers were good so they decided to go down the IVF route rather than ICSI.

    However today when I called to find out how they'd got on, only 1 has fertilised. Which is heartbreaking, we just have to wait till Thursday now to see how its progressed. Fingers crossed for it to keep growing.

    Hope your doing well. xx
  • Oh hon it must have been disappointing to find out that just one had fertilised but remember- one is all you need! plus it's good news that you got 8 eggs and that the swimmers were good.I have everything crossed that your little emby grows strong and you'll have it back on board soon x let us know how you get on x
  • Thanks littleb, I called the centre on Wednesday to find out how it had got on and it was still developing. It was at a 4 cell stage, which put my mind at ease. They said that was a good thing.

    We went in thursday for the trasnfer and it'd got to 7 cell stage then just as she was about to show us the little dot she noticed it had got to 8. Which they sounded really surprised about so made me feel better that it's a good one. I even got a picture which is a bit strange, but I feel very lucky. Not many people get to see their little babies at such a 'young age'.

    I'm just hoping he clings on now, I've been getting cramps all day but I'm telling myself that its still from the EC, fingers crossed.

    How's your little bean? how are you feeling? xx
  • omg how exciting! sounds like everything has gone well. fingers crossed that baby makes himself nice and comfy for the next 9 months. I'm really rooting for you. I had really bad period pain type cramps at about 9 or 10 DPO which at the time I assumed was af coming but must have just been implantation so cramps can be a good sign!

    I'm doing ok thanks, made it past the sick and tired stage and am starting to feel a bit more like me again. 16 week midwife appt is next week so looking forward to hearing baby's heartbeat x
  • Aaaah wow 16 weeks, thats flown over. I bet you cant wait for that appointment.

    Cramps have stopped today so I think thats a good thing, although if their impantation cramps I really want more lol. xx
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