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Embryo transfer booked but powercut = loss of lucky date

Dear Ladies

Our blastocyst transfer is booked for Tuesday afternoon 26th May.

It should have been this week but a power cut at the hospital resulted in a delay. Meaning seven weeks of grotty medication in total too. None of this is really a problem but we have lost our lucky EDD - see post below

I have posted about the whole egg and sperm mix up resulting potentially undetected mistakes at our clinic. We know our frostie cant be tested to ensure it belongs to us as it is already 6 days and ready to implant. I was really excited and now it feels gloomy and a little fraught. However our other choice is binning the bean which we feel unwilling to do. Soooooo it feels like we are attending with no PMA. Am wondering whether all this means our snow baby wont defrost.

Was trying to explain this to a friend she was gentle but saying nicely the world doesnt work like that. Things dont go right if you are wearing your lucky pants. I know what she meant but at the moment it really does feel like that.

Still we have a camping trip this weekend. Am doing a sundance as it is Mr Jenkos first ever time under canvas (and possibly his last if we suffer a downpour)


The time has come !!!! We have initiated our frozen blastocyst transfer with the unit. I start taking the down regulation drugs on the 21st of this month followed by a hormone cocktail. We have a possible embryo transfer date of May 19th. We only have to pay for it know ARGH!!!

I calucated my due date I KNOW I KNOW hopelessly optimistic and guess what!!!!!!

It would be my husbands birthday 2010 and if you see the post below we got our first ever BFP on his birthday this year! Number symmetry here and feeling like it is a hopeful sign

Will let you know of our progress and how much I turn into Captain Moodswing this time. Will need special postive vibes for the tranfer day as our little snow baby might not survive the thaw meaning we will have gone through the drugs, the hope and pots of money without even a two week wait.


  • Good luck J-Jenko, you really deserve your time. You are a really great help to everyone on this site and i'm really thankful.

    Good luck, i will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!! xx
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