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Only two follicles...

So, I went for my second scan during stimms today, having been upped to 4amps of Menopur. Unfortunately I still haven't responded well and there are only 2 follicles.

The consultant gave me two options:
1) Cancel the cycle, pay the abandoned cycle rate and as we've had our NHS shot, pay ??2350 next time or
2) Try for egg collection with what we've had, but if not successful, then we'd have to pay full whack of $4k+ next time.

Thing is, the consultant said that even if they up me to 6amps next time, I may not fare any better and also warned me they may not find any eggs in what I have now. Dilemma. I was on my own as DH had to work, so he let me have 5 minutes to make my decision and get hold of DH image

We've decided to try for egg collection anyway. Way we see it, we've come this far and in those two follicles there may be a magic egg. Otherwise I think we'll always wonder 'what if.' Plus, if we'd have had to fine ??2350, we may as well try and find a couple of grand more...eek.

Am desperately hoping they find eggs on Friday. I'm feeling more down and less positive about it all now than I've been through the whole process. Have the pregnyl injection tonight at 9pm.

Anyone know of any success stories with just two follies that might cheer me up?!

Hope all you lovely ladies are keeping well. xx


  • Hey Moggs, I know it must be hard to stay positive, but it does only take 1 good egg. I have heard of someone on another forum who only got 2 eggs, 1 fertilised and is now pg! Loads of luck hon xx
  • Hey Moggs

    Well We only had 2 good embies in the end and to top it I dropped the pregnyl on the kitchen floor... At 11pm and we live 2 hours from the city and no late night pharmacy... That was 6 weeks ago and we are pregnant now...

    You have to stay positive or it wont work. Thats the way we looked at the situation.
    Sending to loads of baby hugs and stay positive it really does work.

    Em x
  • Awwww, thanks everyone. Glad to hear there are success stories out there with only a few follicles/eggs - and big congratulations to Emma, how wonderful for you! Am feeling more positive about tomorrow morning now and will let you all know how I got on once I get back to the land of the living. Just gotta hope Father Christmas puts a BFP in my stocking! xx
  • How did today go Moggs? You only need one to make a baby!!x
  • Hi everyone, just thought I'd let you all know that they managed to retrieve 2 eggs, but they were of too poor quality to inject for ICSI, so that's it. The end. Am gutted (and more than a bit sore) and have been crying lots. Need to find about ??4.5k to give it a go again. Have counselling session on Monday at the ACU to talk next steps. I'm glad we took the gamble with just two follicles though, otherwise we'd always wonder 'what if.'

    Good luck to all x
  • Sorry to hear that honey
    Had been hoping and wishing for better for you.
    Take sometime to relax and enjoy christmas, heres to a gret 2010,
  • Hey Moggs, so sorry to hear that. Must be a real blow to have to stop before you've even begun. But as you say it's probably best to have tried so you, at least, are not wondering 'what if'. It may be that you will be on a different protocol next time, now they know you have not responded too well. Big hugs xxx
  • Hi Ladies - thanks for all your replies, it means a lot. We spoke to the embryologist on Monday and he was very disappointed for us. He explained how my two eggs just weren't mature enough, but the good news is (that although still rubbish) DH's sperm sample has improved (he's made a lot of changes to lifestyle). The good news is that he reckons this would have been an easy icsi, and next time they'll start us on a higher dosage of stimms to begin with. I asked if stress could have affected my eggs and he was certain it would have had a major impact. Thing is, I'm permanently stressed as my job is so pressurised so I think I'm going to save a little extra if I can and take unpaid leave while I'm stimming, see if that helps. During stimms I found out job was under review for 2nd time this year and I was having major building work done on house, plus sooo busy at work, where I have to travel overnight a lot. In fact, work is just a nightmare - they knew I was having an op on Friday but kept ringing me anyway...need to find a way to wind down! The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced this is what affected my egg quality. Still, at least we know what to expect next time - have to wait a couple of months, save up and then we can start again. So, came out of Monday's session feeling a lot more positive about things. Sorry for epic reply!! Merry Christmas to all!
  • Ah Moggs, I am sorry to hear that the first attempt didn't go too well. I definitely think that the changes you have made will make the next attempt better for you, and it is fantastic thaat DH SA has improved image xxx
  • Hey Moggs, glad to hear you're feeling more positive after your appt. Hope you manage to work something out with your does sound v stressful. I agree, if you can make a few changes your end and your drugs are upped then you should have a much better chance next time. Really, the first go is a lot about luck....if they just happen to get your drugs right then it may work, but otherwise they use it to see how you respond and learn lessons for next time (blimmin expenisve lesson though!!). Lots of luck xx
  • We are on our first round of IVF & I have been taking 0.5mls of Suprecour each day since the 26th Dec 09 & started Puregon on the 12th Jan 10. I went for a scan today & have been advised that I only have two follicles, one on the right & one on the left ovary, plus a cyst image however they have said not to worry about this. I have to go back for a further scan this Friday however have been advised that they are looking for a minimum of three follicles & that my options are to abandon this cycle or go for insemination although this has a lot less chance of working which is certainly reflected in the cost compared to IVF. I never assumed any of this would be easy however I was really shocked & upset to see the results today. We are undecided as to what to do. Any suggestions? I have blamed myself. I work full time & wonder whether I should reduce my hours, less stress etc.
  • Hi Ted - it's so hard isn't it?

    I really hope that you respond better than I did and you have lots of lovely follicles on Friday. I was given the exact same choice as you and about 10 minutes to make it in, while my head was reeling. The thing that made us go for it and take the gamble (as it were!) was that otherwise we would be thinking 'what if?' the two follicles had held perfect eggs. The gamble didn't work for us, but I'm glad we tried, even though it's been heartbreaking.

    Stress was undoubtedly a factor and I've already told work that when I go for round 2, I'm taking 2-3 weeks off during the stimms bit. I have a very pressurised corporate job and there's no let up, lots of working away etc and I just find it impossible to wind down - especially when I still have all the cooking and cleaning to do at home too!!

    It's a hard decision - I guess you have to think whether you'd wonder 'what if' too. I'll cross my fingers that come Friday they'll have come on leaps and bounds. In the meantime, try and relax, think positively and get your OH to wait on you hand & foot! xx
  • Ted I am sorry to hear you only have two follicles... I really hope on friday you have some lovely follicles.
    Moggs that sounds good to have 2-3 weeks off during stimms... good for you to take time off as it is such a hard time the last thing you need is to go through stress at work.
  • Got to Friday & there were five follicles. We were in shock as only the Monday of that week we were at two. I used Pregnyl on Sunday night & went in for egg collection yesterday, Tuesday. My partners sample was not as good as we would have hoped yesterday & due to the count they advised that if things were to move forward it would have to be ICSI not IVF. Unbelievable, as there have been no problems with him previously. The clinic called this morning to advise that two eggs have fertilised & there is no advantage to leaving them any longer so transfer has been arranged for tomorrow at 12.30. This is our first time we are going through this however whilst I am happy that at least we have two which they are going to transfer I am also aware that we have nothing to freeze so potentially could have to go through this all again. A very scary thought! I am due back at work tomorrow however I have decided this is too important so plan to take the rest of the week off & review it after that. Fingers crossed!!
  • Ted, that's great news! Hope the transfer went well - hoping it all goes well for you x
  • Hi Ted

    I hope the transfer went well and you are taking things easy somewhere warm. Good call on the time off as well. I figure we all give so much to our employers, that the very least we deserve is some time away when we need it.

    Moggs - sorry to read you had such a tough time in round 1. Fingers (and everything else) crossed for round 2. You sound immensely positive about it all, which is great.

    Best of luck.
  • Ted hope the transfer went well hun, and have everything crossed for you.
    I think that is fab to have that time off as well... take as much as you can off...
  • Hi Moggs,
    I don't usually come onto the IVF forum, but just saw your post and it struck a chord. So sorry to hear your news - must've been awful and so incredibly disappointing for you. For what it's worth, I do agree that work stress plays a part. Sorry that you had so much pressure on at work while it was all going on. Perhaps next time if you go for it, take some time off. I'm doing the big leap and have actually quit in preparation for our next cycle, as I think it made os much difference. I know some people luckily sail through it, but most of us find IVF really takes its toll on the body and mind, and you need to do all you can to stay nice and chilled to give yourself every chance. I know it's often not possible - so many people are in stressful jobs I guess, and the recession hasn't exactly helped. But if you can find a way to take some sick leave or something, and just forget about work, then you never know....
    Very sad things didn't work out for you this time and wishing you all the best for the future. Good luck xxxx
  • Hi LillyR - yes, it was awful and I am nervous of giving it another go - it's just such a huge expense for a very slim chance and I know if I can't chill out then I may as well wave goodbye to it all. I have told work though that during next stimming I will be taking holiday - and they've very kindly said I can have 3 weeks off plus 3 days fertility leave. I hope that will help me - I'll have to leave the BlackBerry behind though as I'm addicted to the sodding thing!!

    Seen an article online from America that stress can have a negative impact of 160% on IVF cycles, which is amazing. Really want to learn how to manage stress and relax more. Problem is, I just don't seem to have the time - a vicious circle!! Thanks for your good wishes, so nice to be able to speak about these things here where people really 'get it.'
  • Hi girls... I'm a girl with endometriosis and pcos bin trying for baby for 8 years .. I'm aving ivf treatment I've just finished menepur injections and they ave only found 2 follicles . They told me to wait for next period than they will start me on double dose ov injections in a month .. Its heartbreaking cos this is my only chance ov this x
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