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Hi Hun,

Just wondering how your getting along? Haven't seen you on here for a good few weeks, hope everything is going ok image



  • I second that - been thinking of you too JCB. Hope all's ok with you.

  • Hi girls,
    Not been logging on BE really. After our bad news 7 week scan on the 12th of June, I opted to wait to miscarry naturally. I wanted to avoid a GA and surgery, as there is a tiny risk of uterine perforation, and I didn't want to create any extra problems for TTC in the future. We have been pretty damn unlucky so far. Also the medical management sounded awful as you have to go through it in hospital.
    So we had to keep going back every week for review. Finally, on Saturday, after over 4 weeks waiting, I started to miscarry naturally. It was awful-so painful, and I've never seen so much blood. Went to hospital Monday and they said it is a complete miscarriage, so that's good. It was 10 times worse than last time.
    What annoys me is that despite 2 miscarriages, TTC for almost 2 years, and having had IVF, they refuse to investigate me for causes of recurrent m/c until I have a 3rd one. Well, we couldn't go through that again, only to find out that something simple like taking Aspirin and Heparin would reduce the risk.
    We have to wait for a couple of normal cycles but then we will arrange to see someone privately and have the tests done. My lovely parents have said they want to pay for this, as they feel so helpless not being able to make things better. I think I will take Aspirin anyway, as my consultant said it could help, but wouldn't do any harm.
    Went back to work last week, but off again this week with m/c. 2 people I see daily at work have announced their pregnancies-it's just so unfair. To top things off, my first baby would have been due 2 weeks today. Never ever thought that I wouldn't even be pregnant by then.

    Anyway, sorry to go on, and thanks for your messages-I know you too are going through so much. DH is trying to stop me from obsessing on BE too much but I still sneak on!

    Lots of love xxx
  • Oh JCB you really have been through so much. I'm so sorry it's all been so difficult and I truely hope that you're coming out the other side of it all and you can begin to move on.

    How lovely of your parents to pay for you to have private tests for your MCs. I think it's a great idea. It would be so hard to move forward without knowing why things haven't been working so far and the last thing you want is to be going into another cycle full of fear.

    Please do keep sneaking on! We're all here for you and will do all we can to help you through what must be a really hard time.

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