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IVF at East Surrey Hospital


I've just popped over from long term TTC and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with East Surrey Hospital's Fertility Clinic??

I've my 1st app there on Thursday this week and am pretty scared about it all. I've been checked out by the Doctor and I'm OV'ing, all bloods are OK, scan was also OK, and husbands SA is also good!!!!

I've now resided to the fact that it's going to be an IVF job, as I have a feeling my tubes could be blocked (you know, one of those womans intuition feeling) hopefully they will refer me for a HSG soon.

I just got myself into a right state today about the thought of IVF being our only option.!!!!!



  • Hi Babyhope ....

    I hope things go well with your app on thursday. I have my first app there next month so let me know how it went!

  • Will do Babyblue4......

    I believe the 1st appt is going to just be a chat, perhaps blood tests and a plan to move forward to most probably a HSG test to see if my tubes are blocked. At the moment there's no other issues!!!

    Made the mistake of googling 'redhill fertility clinic' yesterday and there was alot of info about the Dr I'm going to see being involved in a license suspension last year. Patients were transfered to Crawley (which I really don't fancy!!)..... Got into a right old state!!!

    I was initially told by my doctors that I was being referred to Gatwick Park's clinic (BUPA /Spire) as that's where the fertiliy clinic was even though it was a private hospita;l.... Got my hopes up a bit there, and then a bump down to earth when I got the letter from Redhill image
  • You and me both ... I did that as soon as I got my letter! Burst into tears and was panicing!! I think after waiting so long (2 yrs to concieve) and to finally feel we were getting somewhere it was a shock. Ive since calmed down ... I kept reading and it turned out to only be one patient that complained and the case was thrown out of court within its first day.

    We are pretty certain it will be my Husband that has the problems as he had a spinal injury when he was younger. Ive had blood tests and ultrasounds and they so far think Im fine. Im just desperate to get going!
  • Me too.... I first went to the Doctors back in July / Aug last year when we'd already been trying a year, I never thought it would take this long!!! Since then both of us have been tested and so far so good!!! Which sounds great but only leads to frustration as to why we can't get PG!!!

    Tomorrow is my light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully we'll have some answers soon. I'm 36 in a few weeks so I'm even more panicky now.

    I'll let you know how it goes x x
  • Good luck!!! I hope they look after you and find out whats going on. At least we have a possible reason/easy solution I cant imagine how frustrating it is for you. Still ... light at the end of the tunnel so my fingers are crossed for tomorrow!
  • Hey BabyBlue4,
    Sorry it's been a few days since my appointment, I got myself into a right old state and have just been getting everything sorted in my head. It was a lot of fuss about nothing really!!
    Firstly the appointment was absolutely fine, the Consultant was so, so nice as was the Fertility Nurse, and they really made me feel at ease. He chatted through everything, history, loads of questions about AF etc. Basically as there is no other issues with me or OH, the next thing is to check that the egg and sperm are meeting!!! So to check my tubes. I pretty much expected this, and had already got my head around having to have a HSG (the dye xray), but he really recommended the Laporoscopy. I really didn't want to have this done, as it's an actual operation, minor but an operation none the less. He reasoning behind this was that the HSG can only tell if you're tubes are or aren't blocked nothing else. A Laporoscopy can tell that and so much more, i.e my tubes may not be blocked but the ends of my tubes that pick up the egg from the ovaries may be stuck together. They can, as he put it 'give them a wobble' whilst they're in there and try the clear the problem.

    As scared as I am I've gone for that... so for the past few days I've got myself all worked up, there's been moments of giving up, moments of we're getting a dog instead. But at the end of the day it can be that bad and I'll hopefully know what the situation is once it's done. It's the next step forward!!!

    So all in all, the appt is nothing to worry about, they were really helpful and more than happy to chat anything through.


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  • Hi Babyhope ... Im glad the app went well.

    Well done you for making the decision to go for it. It can't have been easy for you. Trust me a dog can't fill that gap! We have two! haha

    So when do you go for the Laporoscopy? Or is it going to be a months wait like most app? I was just reading up on it ... the internet seems to think it would be a day surgery so you would be up and about soon after it which is the good news! You will do fine and it may give you some answers

  • Hya Babyhope ...

    I thought I would send you a quick note to say Ive got my app tomorrow afternoon! I will let you know how I get on. Fingers crossed its good news!

    How are you getting on?

  • Hello ... to anyone!

    I have just got back from my first app with the fertility consultant and it turns out we are not eligable on the NHS as my H needs sperm retrival and that if we want to appeal we can do by writing to the PCT.

    The Consultant was very very nice but was pushing egg donation as an option for us to be able to pay to go private!? Has anyone else had this?

  • Hello BabyBlue4,

    Nice to hear from you. I can completely understand your disappointment on the NHS funding point. I too was told we don't qualify for NHS funding either, my FSH was slightly too raised for Surrey PCT (bizarrely it was well under last time I had the test!!) but I would have qualified had I have lived in West Sussex. Should we need IVF we will have to pay for it too.

    My Consultant didn't mention Egg Donation but we're not a the stage where IVF is an option yet!! How do you feel about it?? CAn your H sperm retrevial not be paid for by you and the rest covered by NHS, or does it just not work like that??

    My frustration is that they are sending me to Crawley Hospital to have my Lap & Dye done, but they won't treat me as a West Sussex patient where I would qualify for NHS IVF!!!!! Boo!!!
  • I can't believe that! We were told should we get the funding we would be treated at Mayday Hospital ... East Surrey doesn't have the facilities for IVF. I understand that we have to go through consultants to get to where we need to go but I didn't think it would be at a totally different hospital and that the person we saw wouldn't even be treating us!

    We saw the Mr Onugha that we previously spoke about ... a really lovely guy who was actually really funny! So that was at the very least a relief. He was basically saying if we were to fund this privatly we would see him but if we were to be treated on the NHS we would go to Mayday (nicknamed May Die by us and our family!?) haha.

    I don't feel I know enough about the payment side and if we could just say to get things moving we would pay for my Hs treatment and take the rest on NHS... but I don't remember that being an option. Im a bit confused and feel the options were really rushed through (accept the Egg Donation part!). I really don't know how I feel about the egg donation ... on the one side I would love to help someone else but I can't get my head around there possibly being a part of me running around out there and the fact that our babies might meet their babies and then we get mashed up babies as a result!?! Very far fetched but feeling very confused about it!

    So will you be appealing to the PCT aswell? If you fit the criteria in on county then you should be able to appeal ... especially if the first test gave a different reading to the second.

    Sorry about long response!! x
  • Yes, we too were told Mayday hospital or they also said it's also done at The Queen Mary at Roehampton too. We would def go for Queen Mary out of the 2. Yes it's very frustrating about the FSH level, I don;t know why it's shot up so much, talking to the Fertilty Nurse who was also in on the consult, she said they would prob re-run the test after I've had my Lap & Dye done. I'm hoping and praying that the underlying prob will be solved during my op!!!!

    God, it's all so confusing isn't it? Like it's not emotional and straining enough all of this. I'm trying not to think about IVF unless it really is the only option, but I can't help being prepared for it!!! If IVF is our only hope then I would definately appeal, as it's driving me even more crazy about it all, as all my paperwork for the op is headed Surrey & Sussex.... how can they tell me I don't qualify but I can get an operation under a different NHS trust!!!! Grrrr!

    I completely understand how you feel about egg donation, not far fetched at all. Have you been watching Private Practice too!?! (Egg donation storyline!!) If I'm going to be completely honest I really don't think I could do it, I would constantly think about the little bit of me out there.

    I've been looking at BUPA for private IVF, there's a really good hospital at Gatwick Park (now called Gatwick Spire), it may be worth talking to the IVF team there and get a good understanding of the costs etc, that's what I'm doing!!! There's still a bit of Girl Guide left in me, 'be prepared ' and all that.

    Hope you have a good weekend, don't worry about it all too much, one way or another it will get sorted and it will happen for both of us!!! You never know we may get to be bump pals at the same time.

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