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7 Days post FET

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update and some words of wisdom required!!!
We had the FET last tuesday and so far I feel ok but am having some wierd symptoms.
I have had 2 lots of pregnyl injections, one saturday the other this morning.
I am very bloated and feel full all the time but am not, also got quite a lot of cramping on and off, bit like period pain but not as bad.Also my back has been aching a bit for last 3 days. We go for our test on saturday morning which seems ages away!!
Has anyone experienced any of the above and have advice for us!!!
Im just hoping our little emby has settled in all snug!!:\)


  • Thank you MrsAmanda for replying it really helps!!Even though my other half has been fantastic this past week, its still very hard waiting for the test knowing that its up to your body and the emby to work together for a BFP and then to be having the symptoms as well, wow what a week!!!
    Thank you for your good luck message and hopefully I will have some good news to post on saturday!!
  • Hi,
    I similar symptoms to you and I also had loads of trapped wind after my treatment and when I tested I was pregnant. So it's looking good for you.
    Fingers crossed x
  • Thank you misspolar,
    am having bit of a low day today, back still hurting, still getting cramps but not as bad, wish it was saturday sooner!!
    Thank you for your words they mean such a lotx
  • Hi bibest, I had really bad trapped wind on the day my embryos went back in and it continued for over a week. I was actually doubled over in pain and really thought it was something more serious. My back ached too for a week. I got a positive and am now 22 weeks with twins so keeping everything crossed for you.

    Keep us posted.
  • Dear bibest,

    I hope all goes well with you. My wife had a FET back in June last year. She had some brown spotting on day 8 or 9 and then a positive test on day 10. She did not have any pain or cramps but the clinic said not to think too much about it as everyone is different. In fact from a fresh cycle she did not have any brown spotting and again that was a positive pregnancy test as well so try and be happy and positive, you will know soon enough and no point worrying now. (I know it is easier said than done, but remember worrying won't change anything and when you get a postive result you will wonder why you worried).

    The very best of luck.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone for all your amazing comments, This is only our 2nd attempt and im trying very hard not to read something into every twinge. Its worrying when one day i have the pains and the next like today dont really feel anything. I guess like all of us that go through this, im really hoping for the BFP on saturday. I am going to stay happy and very positive. Congratulations to everyone who got their BFP eventually.Thank you all again and roll on saturday!!xx
  • Just wanted to give everyone an update.
    Been for blood test today and have been told that it probably hasnt worked, their words.Although they have detected pregnancy hormones in my blood, but this could be from pregynl I last injected on tuesday morning. Have done a digital HPT and this says im pregnant. Im so confused. Have got to wait another week now for another blood test.
    Does anyone have any words of hope??I dont understand why the hospital just didnt have me back later for the blood test I had today.
  • Shamelessly gatecrashing, but I have been following your story.. It is a strange situation, and I am sorry you have no definitive answers. Apparently digi tests aren't that sensitive, so the fact that you're getting a BFP, is a good sign. The only confusing thing is that HCG shows up in the blood, before the unrine so if you're getting a positive on a HPT then your blood test should show a definate BFP. I don't understand why you have to wait another week for a blood-test either. My only suggestion would be to keep testing every few days. I am hoping that this is your BFP hun. My fingers and toes are very tightly crossed for you. *hug*
  • Fingers crossed for you xx
  • This is my last update. AF arrived last night, we are both absolutely gutted. I have rung the hospital and said I dont want to go for blood test on saturday.
    Looks like we will have to save for another attempt, which will take us a while.
    Just want to wish everyone good luck and I hope you all get the good news you are dreaming of.
    Thank you for all your support, it really did
  • Dear Bibest,

    I am so sorry. You are in my prayers and I hope you have some good news very soon.
  • Oh hun I'm really sorry I'm so gutted for you. Just take it easy now for a while and enjoy yourself, completely put IVF and fertility treatments out of your head (easier said than done I know!) and treat yourself, it's such a stressful time and now you need some me time, before you know it you'll have the money saved and be starting a new cycle. I'm in the same boat re money, I'm currently saving up myself for another course of treatment for a second baby, but I am just trying to enjoy life and put fertility treatment out of my head so I don't go too bonkers!! Take care and baby dust for the future xx
  • I did a FET day 5 blast on Nov22, 2-3 days I got some needles pinning feel, then little cramps, then no symptoms for few days. Today is Nov29, I have just one or two times light cramps but my belly is really bloated today.

    My beta is not due until next week Dec 4.

    I am currently on estrace 2 mg morning and night.

    Also, progesterone morning and night.

    Am I still having hope?
  • Hello everyone,

    I am new to this Just a quick update and some words of wisdom required!!!

    Just came back from istanbul for my ivf money wise is much cheaper compare to UK we had 20 eggs 10 fertiliser day 5 we end up with 8 good eggs 2 was transferred and 6 freezes

    I did a FET day 5 blast on 10/08/2017 and today is my 7 days today and I am very bloated and feel full all the time but am not, also got quite a lot of cramping on and off, bit like period pain but not as bad. I was advise to do the pregnancy test on  Sunday 3 more days to go I am  just hoping  our little embies has settled in already .

    This is my story I guess it's word of comfort  to talk to people with similar situation.

    Much appreciated  

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