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Any teachers combining teaching with ivf?


Just wondered if anyone was a teacher- i still have a wait til i start ivf as only just going through referral but want to speak to my head next week to explain i will need time off when it all starts.

Any teachers balancing teaching with ivf - worried as we cant take holidays/sick days like other jobs but obv this comes first. How much time post transfer did you have off and around ec? I work with 3-5 year olds so on my feet a lot of the day.

Thanks xxx


  • Hi samsa
    I am just having a look through past posts and spotted your question. We are not having IVF yet but there is a very strong possibility that we will end up going down that road as my husband has a very low sperm count. I am a teacher and I too have been wondering about time off. I teach year 1 and 2 so am also on my feet most of the day. I think that if and when the time comes for us I will play by ear as to how much time I have off after procedures. We have only just gone for our first appointment after referral but I cant help but get ahead of myself. I hope your chat with your head went well, I told mine about our problems this week and she was lovely she cried as well bless her. She said any time I want I can have it even if it's at 5 mins notice.

    I was hoping to not have to tell anyone about our infertility (we havent even told parents yet) but being a teacher we cant just take a morning off when we want it. I did actually feel better after chatting with her, like it was a weight off my chest and one less thing to worry about.
    Have you thought about who you will tell at work when your treatment starts? I ideally would like to keep it to myself but in reality I dont think this will be possible. Afterall the other teachers are going to be curious if I was off days at a time and then there are the possible side effects of the drugs. It's such a minefield with so much to think about!
    I wish you lots of luck hun and would be interested to know how you have got on these last 2 months. Not long to half term yay!
  • Hi tigerboo!
    My head was so lovely when i told her. She gave me a big hug and has said that these appointments are medical so i shouldnt feel bad.
    I have ended up telling the ladies that work directly with me as i have needed them to cover for me, support me when i have really been 'there' if you know what i mean.
    I teach reception so i am still worried about the impact of how tiring it is working with young children and treatment combined, but i think if the icsi is going to work, it will work. I am hoping that some of my injections/scans will fall in xmas holidays all being well. I think i will take a few days off after embryo transfer but am sure i will worry more being at home - i will just make sure i leave at 3.30 as often as poss!
    We have similar situations - my dh had a count of 1 mil per ml in august but in the test he had at the fertility clinic, it had gone up to 6 million. Not sure if that was due to diet changes, different clinic testing or just general changes. It is still low enough to warrant icsi tho. We just got referred straight after our 1st low test as the consultant said it was unlikely it will change enough to be normal. Maybe you should push to be referred to ivf clinic? xx
  • Hi Samsa
    Im so glad your head made you feel better. Mine has said that under no circumstances am I to worry about the class but as a teacher you cant help it and, like you, I think I would probably worry more being at home.
    You getting home early most days definitely sounds like a plan!
    As for being referred to IVF clinic hubby has to do his next SA in december but I really doubt it would go from 1,5 to 20 million per ml even with the most perfect diet in the world. Our next appointment is January which seems ages away grr! I just doubt they will refer us until we have had the 2nd SA test. I guess I should have asked them if they really thought it possible to rise by 18.5 million lol!
    I really hope your injections and appointments can fall in the xmas hols for you it would make it so much easier. I would really like to keep in touch as to how you get on sweetie XXX
  • ah thanks tigerboo - will def post on here once i hopefully start treatment. This site is a great place to get support isnt it!
    uur journey so far has gone quickly since diagnosis, so hopefully once you get seen in jan, it comes round quickly for you too - did they say if there was a waiting list? Would love to hear how you get on too xx
  • Hi samsa
    No they didnt say if there was a waiting list and I didnt think to ask. I will next time tho thanks for reminding me! XXX
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