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Hey Gem

Really brief as I am just about to leave work for the sunshineimage

Will pop my story on over the weekend - this is a really good idea.

If you are both 31, have no existing children, BMI in correct range and dont smoke you should get NHS funding

If you want to chat more about this post back. You may not want to bother with appealing. I am currently learning how to go through the process of fighting for one treatment cycle.


  • Thanks Jenko,

    I would love to hear more about this, I am so angry that I have been told to wait another 7 years, I think this is disgraceful, it makes any chance of sucess even less and I cant not wait another 7 years for just a chance, we know what the cause is, and have been told pregnancy is nigh impossible.

    I have also been told that if I fund a cycle myself I will also forfit my NHS go. The premise for this is it would prove we are wealthy enough to pay for ourselfs, never mind that my poor hushand has been doing 2 jobs and I work all the hours. We will go without for a least a couple for years to do this, I feel like I have no choice. It is certainly very frustrating to know that if I lived elsewhere we could automatically qualify.

    I know i need to challenge this decision, but sometimes its so upseting on top of everything else to feel like you have to fight for eveything, i already feel like i have to chase appointments, It is stressful and worrying, i wonder how much battle i have got left in me (know what i mean?) But i know ive got to do it,

    What can you tell me? woul it be best to Personal message me? or do you have my email?

    Gem x

  • thats really bad where do you live?
  • Dont really have any amazing insight just a couple of hints

    Thought I would pop it on a seperate thread. Just incase anyone else is sadly in the same predicament.

    I know what you mean about the fight thing. After the cycle and the MC I was too low to start wielding my pen.

    I feel that it will give us another chance if this cycle fails as we cant really borrow any more money as we are in financial jeopardy anyhow.

    Off topic I am stunned that they took so long to diagnose your ectopic. That is so unusual you must have been devastated.

    Take care

    Lastly what area are you in???
  • Sorry, only just seen this, replied to your other fantastic thread, thankyou so much for that.

    Im in southampton, i come under wessex pct.

    With regard to the ectopic, yes it took weeks for it all to be over and i was questioning them the whole time, 2 doctors actually said no it is not an ectopic, like i was paranoid, they didnt seem fussed about my slowly rasing hcg, pains, bleeding... it was such a horrible time, but sadly things seem to have just got worse, afterwards i was so worried about a repeat ectopic and the 10% reduction in my fertility, little did i know then that we only had about a 1-2% chance of getting pregant anyway. How unlucky is that, only a 1-2 % chance of getting pregnant and then follow that up with a 1% chance of ectopic... almost unbeliveable!

    Hey ho, its been 7 months now, i just want to get things moving..

    this time next year, i want to be with bump! :\)

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